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10 Highly Effective Examples of Real Estate Advertisements for Facebook & More


When you hear the term “real estate ads,” what comes to mind? Images of cheerful, well-dressed real estate agents and images of houses encircled by lines of text are all apparent options. However, Facebook advertisements for real estate are a cost-effective and rapid approach to create leads. Do you know that the average Facebook user spends 58 minutes every day on the social media platform? Which offers you enough time to target the right audience with your Facebook real estate ads. Here are some examples:

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Home Search Ads

Rather than something mundane, try coming up with an ad that asks, “What property can you get in Pakistan for PKR 50K?” It will pique the buyer’s curiosity, prompting them to click on the ad to learn more about it, ultimately leading to the purchase of the property. You can create similar versions in your consumer market, such as “5 Marla plots for PKR 6 lacs,” “10 Marla plots for PKR 30 lacs,” and so on.

Landing Page Ads

The landing page is just as crucial as the advertisement itself. It’s not enough to direct people to your real estate website. It’s onto you to turn those visitors into Facebook leads. If you like, you can collect contact information directly from Facebook. However, an effective landing page is required to capture consumers and sellers if you want a branded and highly tailored call-to-action. So when looking for inspiration, be sure you click through to the ad’s landing page to see what they’ve got going on.

Newly Constructed Property Ads

Because new development has higher price points, it’s an excellent niche to target for high-value buyer leads. However, depending on your focus, you can see how it would work for different places such as vacation houses, investors, multifamilies, apartments, etc.

Just Listed Ads 

According to an analysis, just listed advertisements are the most common type of Facebook ad, accounting for potentially half or more of real estate Facebook ads. So there’s a lot more than the cliched “How Much Is Your House Worth?” ad. These are fantastic since they market both your listing and your business at the same time. They also demonstrate to the rest of the world and potential clients that you are busy.

Just Sold Ads

The “Just Sold” Facebook ad can target people by zip code and even get hyperlocal, demonstrating to local homeowners that you get the job done and earn seller leads! They also provide their phone number in the advertisement, which is a good idea. However, not everyone prefers to converse via Facebook.

Video Ads

If you have a video, use it! Not only should you publish your listing videos on YouTube, the MLS, and your company website, but you should also consider advertising them.

Client Review Ads

As an agent, you must stay on top of your review game. So why not showcase the client testimonies and reviews you receive? Video testimonials are probably best because they provide them a sense of the services you offer and how useful they have been to other clients, making them feel more confident in putting their trust in you.

Facebook Live Tour Ads

If you’ve ever used Facebook Live, you know how beneficial it can be, so put it to work and give potential buyers a live tour of the home you’re selling. Before you conduct your live tour, make sure you have decent lighting and a well-staged home. It’s preferable to do a few practice runs with simply the video on your phone to ensure that you’re well-prepared and achieving the outcomes you want.

Professionally Shot Ads

The breath-taking cinematography, calming audio, and whimsical typography combine to create a sense of tranquility and stillness that is luxurious and relaxing. Even if the ad you’re advertising isn’t in a tropical paradise, you can imitate it with innovative staging, drone use, and best-in-class video production. Make sure to film on a bright day and with filters that brighten the landscape and the house’s interior.

Luring a Buyer Ads

These advertisements tend to focus on real-world issues that their target consumer is facing. For instance, most people understand what it’s like to live in a small apartment, so advertise for bigger apartments. Clean and crisp graphics and straightforward writing that piques interest are other features of the advertisement.


Nonetheless, Facebook is a very effective tool for a real estate agent since it allows you to raise awareness, boost traffic to your website, and ultimately locate new clients. Therefore, make sure your Facebook real estate advertising is consistent with your overall brand and strategy, and be as specific as possible. Feel free to contact Sigma Properties if you have any queries. Happy advertising!

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