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10 Jobs That You Never Knew Are Exciting Career Options!


Out of 10 people, 9 chooses the wrong career! Well, that’s shocking but true. If you choose the right career at an early age, then you can achieve success early. You can establish yourself better and prepare yourself for the future, provided you make the right decision. But only the right career can’t make you glued to the job for longer; it should be exciting also.

Well-known career options have a huge competition. A lot of people are after the jobs that people know very well. But there are many other career options you can go for. They are not only the best but are also exciting. Few people know about them, so there is less competition. You can find your dream career in any of the jobs listed below.
So, what are you waiting for? Scroll down fast and read about these exciting career options before anyone knows them.

1. Creature Designer: It is an exciting career option. You will enjoy the job, but you need to be creative, as you have to design different types of creatures. The types of creatures depend on the need of the story. The design of the creatures should be inspired by real animals. In some stories, cute creatures are needed, while in some, horrifying creatures. As the scope of animation increases, the need for creature designers also increases. Whether it is T.V. or OTT platforms, creature designers are in demand to design characters creatively. So, get ready to bring out your creative side and make an exciting career in this field.

2. Beer Taster: The word ‘Cicerone’ is used for professional beer taster. Many certificate programs are run by different educational organizations for a beer taster. You can join any of them to get a certificate of professional beer taster. But you must have a hospitality degree and experience in selecting, acquiring, serving different types of drinks. You have to pass some levels; in the first level, you will get the certificate of beer server and then taster. Want to enjoy different types of beer for free? Go for this occupation! 

3. Island Caretaker: Want to have a paradise-like pleasure? If yes, then the island caretaker job can satisfy your desire. You will get to live with trees, plants, water, and, most importantly, tranquillity. Away from all the traffic, noise, pollution, and many other crowded area stuff, you can live on an Island. But you need to be ready to adapt to islanders’ life and be physically strong, as islands are generally devoid of luxury life-like cities. It is one of the high-paying jobs because it requires you to do all the types of works on the Island. If you want adventure, then what can be a more exciting and satisfying job than this? You know the answer.

4. Pet Groomer: Do you like to spend time with pets? If yes, then you can become a professional pet groomer. Being on this job, you have to take care of everything related to the pets. You have to take care of the pet for bathing, eating, sleeping, and more. You will have to look after the health of the pet as well. You can spend time with the pets as you want to, like you can play with them, as well. To become a professional pet groomer, you need to have proper training. 

5. Art Restorer: Art conservator is another word for art restorer. You must have understood what this job is about by reading the name. A professional art restorer has to take care of old things that are valuable in today’s time as well. He has to identify the extent of damage by assessing the old things. Often, he has to learn the techniques to restore the equipment, architecture, text, and more. He also advises the curators on how to exhibit the art materials safely.

6. Volcanologists: Volcanologists can be of different types like physical volcanologists, geophysicists, geochemists, and more. You need to be a student of science to acquire higher degrees related to this field. You can get a job in government research institutes or universities if you pursue this course. The salary of a volcanologist is usually higher because it is a difficult study area and requires intense research. Often the volcanologist has to go to the site to collect data or clues to examine the volcanic eruption. If you want to make your career in this exciting field, then you must be ready physically and mentally.

7. Hostage Negotiator: To establish a peaceful resolution, a professional hostage negotiator is needed. In bank robberies, hijackings, and barricaded suspects, common people need to be safeguarded. And for this, special skills are required. Often criminals and terrorists try to harm the common people so that they can get their demands fulfilled and then escape. To deal with this sensitive situation, special skills are needed to negotiate with the concerned person. A professional hostage negotiator handles the situation by talking with the criminal or any other person who tries to harm common people.

8. Food Stylist: When you see beautifully decorated food in a restaurant, then your appetite wakes up automatically. You feel like eating the dish. But do you know that professionals work hard to give a beautiful look to the food? They decorate dishes attractively. If you love accessorizing different dishes, then this job is a perfect match for your career option. But, you need to have a cooking qualification from a prestigious institute. You must have an educational background in culinary art to become a professional food stylist. You have to make the food appear as perfect as it can while in a job. You can notice increasing competition in this field.

9. Puzzle Writer: It takes many days for the people who try to solve the puzzle first time. Many get irritated while solving puzzles. They think of ‘How one can design a puzzle so hard to crack?’. Many newspapers and magazines still publish crosswords. If you like to become a puzzle writer, then you must have patience and logical skills. You can get a job as a puzzle writer in any press and earn a lucrative amount. In the beginning, you will have to give more time, but once you acquire excellence, then you can easily create a puzzle.

10. Genetic Counselor: This type of counselor helps an individual and the family. He interprets and makes the concerned person understand the information related to genetic health issues. The counselors support the person and family to make them mentally strong. They research the medical history of the patient to provide him with important information. They also make the patient understand the medical reports. You can enjoy a rewarding career in this field. You need to opt for a bachelor’s degree in genetics and psychology. But, you have to work as a practitioner under a professional trainer to gain some experience, then you will have chances of excellent career opportunities. 

According to a survey conducted by Indeed, half of the U.S. workers changed their jobs within 10 years. And the reason was, the workers were not satisfied with the job. Every year, millions of people change their jobs worldwide. Some are not satisfied, some find a job not exciting, while some have to face huge competition in their favorite job options. This will not happen to you because you have 10 exciting career options. 
Select the best from the list and follow your ambition. Now, you can feel exciting while doing the job and glued to it for a long time. 

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