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10 Simple Emotive Language Examples to Make Your Assignment Persuasive!


‘Wow! The president has excellent ideas to improve the economic condition of the country’. A lot of citizens get impressed by the speeches of the president, but why? The reason is, the ministers try to connect with the people through emotional speeches. If you are a student then you must watch their speeches, because this can help in writing emotive language.

Several students look for emotive language examples so that they can write the assignment accordingly. This is the right approach because examples help in many ways.

If you don’t know why you should use emotive language in the paper, then you should read below. Here you will come to know the benefits of using emotive language. Let’s scroll down! 

Benefits of Using Emotive language in the Assignment 

  • You can persuade the reader by writing in emotive language.
  • Keeps the reader engaged with the paper and he reads the entire paper.
  • Your sentences in the paper make more sense to the reader when you take care of emotions while writing.
  • If you have a controversial or any other idea, then also you can make the reader agree with it, through emotive language.
  • You can write original with the help of emotive language because here you just have to play with the words. 

These are the benefits of writing emotive language in the assignment. So, don’t leave the chance of getting the extra marks on the paper, just use this type of language. But make sure your paper is not on technical subjects, because in this type of paper you can’t use emotive language.

If you are worried that how to write in this type of language, then you need to read the below-written examples of emotive language. 

10 Simple Examples of Emotive Language  

  1. Innocent man was injured in the hotel by the police.’
  1. ‘Poor marks have broken the strength of my intelligent daughter’.
  1. ‘The anchor has to read the news of his husbands’ death’.
  1. ‘I have been trying to meet the old lady for last 10 minutes, more delay can cause a threat to her life ’.
  1. ‘At this tender age he has many responsibilities’.
  1. ‘I can remove the poverty from our country, but need your support.’
  1. ‘The sprinter did not stop even after grievous injury on the leg.’
  1. ‘The tragedy with the favourite character shocked Elena and she turned off the TV.’
  1. ‘Most of the criminals manage to escape from the hand of the cops, it shows the inability of police’.
  1. ‘Only in the period of 5 days, the team members built excellent connection so leaving each other was difficult’. 

The words highlighted in the sentences are responsible for making the meaning emotional. If you remove them then you can notice the sentences remain no more emotive.  

You can find many other emotive language examples and understand how to write the assignment. The above examples are simple and effective, you can understand how to write in an emotive language with the help of them. If still, you think that you can’t write effectively, then you can seek online assignment help. Many experts offer impressive papers to students.


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