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12 Best Animation Software for Beginners


Animation has come a long way, from traditional to motion graphics there are a number of animations that give the artist an option to do something creative and colorful. In this process of computer animation the artist uses digitally generating animated images which encompasses both static scenes and dynamic images. Animation tricks the eye and brain into thinking that they are looking at a smoothly moving object. But these objects and pictures should be drawn at around 12 frames per second or faster.

There are a number of softwares used by animators to make some of the best animations. These are some of the tools which are perfect for beginners and experts as well. 

1.Adobe Animate

The multimedia authoring and computer animation program developed by Adobe Inc. is the adobe animate. It is used to design online animation, vector graphics, animation for television, web applications, game development and many more. These animations may be published for WebGL, HTML5, Scalable Vector graphic design course in surat and Adobe AIR formats. The software is easy to use and can be effectively used by a beginner.   


It is a video maker that is used to make studio-quality animation, effects and footage on computers. It is free software with the help of which you can create some amazing videos and animations. Biteable even has a premium plan giving you access to many more features including video privacy, extra footage clip, no watermark and others. It provides you with animations that suit every style.  


Animaker is a cloud-based animation and video maker software that first launched in 2014 in an open-beta version. It allows the animator to create videos using pre-built templates and characters. It is the first tool to launch animated vertical video creators. With the help of animaker you can upload the videos directly to social media. It is a freemium tool allowing the user to do something creative. 


If you are looking for a free graphic design software that is easy to access and can impress your audience with exclusive content. It has a background remover feature and animated effect features through which you can create one of the best animations. You can crop images online and can create your own brand kit to make some consistent designs. It has the feature of downloading the animation and using it whenever required.   


It is the best animation software that is a full-featured video editing tool that can be used to create short animated videos and some customizable templates. PixTeller offers you a free trial and you can also get the premium one that will allow you to use some extra features and make the animations more interesting. It has a number of pre-animated templates that help you get some better options.     


Either you are a beginner or a professional, using canva can be the right choice. There are thousands of templates, fonts and color choices in canva. It is one of the most popular online tools that allows you some free trial and some paid pro features. You will also get a number of free and paid images and some characters that can be added to your animation and make interesting videos.  


With the help of moovly you can create and generate video presentations, animated videos, infographics, motion graphics and many other things. It is a company providing cloud-based platforms on which content can be created via different interfaces. Users can quickly create animated content by using a combination of videos and sounds, uploaded images and pre-designed objects.  


The moho animation software is a proprietary vector-based 2d and 3d animation application. This all-in-one tool is used by beginners and professionals that will make a powerful animation technology. It is fun to make some creative designs using moho characters and objects. The software includes a free trial version and pro version which differ in features and can provide with some eligible animations.

9.DigiCel Flipbook

The 2D animation software which runs on McaOS or Microsoft Windows. Digicel FlipBook is intended to closely replicate some traditional animation process to make TV paint and Toon Boom Animations. It supports scanning physical drawings with the help of a webcam or TWAIN-compliant scanners. There are different frames which are drawn separately using different versions of the flipbook. 


The drag and drop design tool which empowers to create some attractive visuals is Easil. It is similar to canva and provides you with a number of elements, illustrations, icons and charts. There are many institutes in the city where you will know how to use the softwares to create flawless animations. When studying the animation course in Surat you will come to know about some tips and tricks to use it more effectively.  

11.Stop Motion Studio

Stop motion studio helps you make an easy and simple animation. You can select photos and characters from the library and make it more precise by using frames, grids, and overlays. It even supports digital cameras so that you can edit the real images to give it a better touch. It is a good pick for beginners and as it is easy to use it can be used by anyone. If then too you are in doubt then you can go through some of its tutorials.


For professionals and beginners, one basic software that can fulfill all your needs is PosterMyWall. You can make some extra ordinary graphics, info graphics and motion graphics and customize the videos and images with the help of templates available in the library of the software. It saves and prints your designs and you can share those animations whenever you need. It helps get quality animation for your work. 

So these are some of the most popular and best animation software for beginners which gives an idea to create some amazing designs and animations for online platforms, television and many other things. You can customize the best things and make simple things more interesting.