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16 Pieces of Golf Gear Every Golfer Needs to Have


Are you unsure what to pack and always have on you when you head out to your golf club? We’re here to help, so we compiled a list of essentials every golfer needs to have. All you need to do is read on and start packing.

Golf Clubs

We all know why. You can’t play golf without woods, irons, wedges, and a putter.

Golf Balls

Again, these are essential for obvious reasons. Have at least six golf balls, new and used. Also, ensure your balls suit your swing. There’s no need for the most expensive, but getting whatever ball you can get your hands on isn’t an option.


Another essential golf item is a tee. Actually, a dozen or so. Often players forget to bring tees. If you’re one of them, it wouldn’t hurt to have a dozen always in a bag to avoid not having them when you need them the most. Regularly, a responsible soul will give you theirs, but it’s better if you bring yours.

Divot Repair Tool

Every golfer needs to have a divot tool to keep the course in good condition. Frequently you can get them for free, depending on where you play, but it wouldn’t hurt to have one always in the bag.

Golf Gloves

Having one golf glove is essential. Two are optional, but it wouldn’t hurt to have them in case of hot weather when hands tend to sweat more. Lucky you if your hands don’t sweat. But, if they do, you will find gloves for both hands very helpful.

Rain Apparel

Rain weather apparel, including hats, gloves, and jackets, is crucial if you play in areas where the weather changes multiple times throughout the day. It never rains at indoor golf Manhattan, so try it out if you’re tired of moody weather.

Permanent Marker

Always have a permanent marker as you can use it for a wide range of things, for example, to draw a straight line on the ball to help you align things off the tee and on the green. These come in handy when playing competitive rounds because you need to mark your ball.

Alignment Sticks

Alignment sticks are a simple, effective, and budget-friendly way to improve your game. You can use them on the range or before a round to align yourself. The more you practice, the better.


If you’re an intermediate golfer or better, rangefinders are crucial. Having something to give you distance is an easy way to shoot more consistent scores. And, remember to bring batteries.

Groove Brush

Clubs, especially groves, can get dirty and even rust up after some time, so it’s crucial to have a grooved brush. Ensure you’re cleaning your grooves at least after every round, as having dirt there can negatively impact your performance. Also, that will make your clubs last longer.


Always have one or two towels in your golf bag, so you can clean your face or hands if you sweat. You can also use them to wipe the dirt off your clubs.


If you burn easily, consider bringing with you a bottle of sunscreen. Even if you don’t burn, sunscreen will protect you from the harmful effects of the sun. You can put it before you start to play, so your hands don’t get slippery. However, if you burn easily, reapply it throughout the round.

Lip Balm

Lip balm is optional, but for some, it could be a lifesaver. Even better if it has an SPF. That’s especially true if you play out in the sun for long hours.

Bug Repellent

Everyone who has played in areas covered with bugs knows how crucial it is to have a bug repellent spray. Not only will it protect you from the little devils, but will ensure you don’t play miserably due to these tiny but numerous annoyances.


Many golfers tend to get blisters on their hands, especially when they take a break and then continue the game. That can make it complicated to hit the shots, and that’s when band-aids save the day. Also, you can use them for any random cut you may get while you play.


This one is obvious, but always have some money on you. Playing long hours requires you to stay hydrated, and you have to eat something. So, bring enough cash to cover your needs on the course. Even if you have your water and snacks, you may need it to tip a cart girl, bag drop, or payout bets. Also, you might need something more interesting than water from the golf bar.

Final Thoughts

Most of the things from this list are essential for every golfer, so make sure you pack them and always have them with you. Preparation is the key to success.

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