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2 Things You Must Have To Memorize Quran

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Do you have a desire to memorize the entire Quran or some part of it? You can do it. There is no doubt that the Quran memorizing or its ayats reciting by heart delivers a great blessing of Allah. But to go in heaven is not only the final criteria for a person. To be sure, memorizers of the Quran will early make their way to Paradise if they get other important requirements, too.

It is fact that nobody knows who will go to heaven and to hell. Actually, it is only up to Allah. But it is sure that Memorizing the Quran will give you more benefits. For this, a person should read and learn Quran properly and accurately.

If you are not good at reciting and memorizing the Quran, then online Quran teachers are available to help you. We should be protected by God’s blessing and sympathetic by memorizing Quran. When we will memorize the Quran accurately with the help of an online Quran teacher then we have the approval to go to Heaven.

Having a good purpose, a pure heart, and applying the principles of the Quran are most important. All these are the major part for a person to be able to enter paradise. Nowadays, there are many sites and apps, in which a lot of online Quran teachers or scholars are available for helping us to learn all these items.

2 Basic Factor for memorizing the Quran

When you are memorizing the Quran, firstly you will take help from an online Quran teacher or scholar and also you must follow the two main things. These are very important for every learner of the Quran if he/she desires to get success!

Have a Pure Intention:

No doubt you are memorizing the whole Quran or some part of it for the sake of Allah. In addition, the most vital thing you should do for success is that have a goal to pay pure and full attention during learning. If a person does not make sure to pay pure attention for the sake of Allah and have a mind in all other thoughts will not be able to get success in this world and not be guaranteed the hereafter.

When one be going to memorize the Quran and permitted himself to preserve Allah’s words in his heart, and give his proper intention to get the blessing of Allah. He will be able to get heaven through it. A big reward is confirmed for the one who memorizes Quran properly. We remember that there is no reward who learn the Quran or memorizing it just to show off and to be heard among people.

Have a Truthful and Firm Resolution:

After the pure attention, we will talk about the second thing that is about truthful and firm resolution. When a person makes sure for his purity of attention during memorizing the Quran for the sake of Allah. He requires to ensure that he also has a firm resolution to continue and do everything for complete memorization of the Quran.

A person who wants to become successful in the world and in the otherworld, then he will do everything and work hard for it. Without a firm resolution and truthful factor, a person will control the entire matter lightly and also become exhausted easily. As the result, he will not be able to complete his goal and will not get the blessings of Allah.

Below Are Some Benefits of Memorizing the Quran

It is a harder job to memorize the Quran, it’s a huge task but has more benefits. The benefits derived from it are similarly huge. With the online Quran teacher’s help, we will get all these. We will brief a short note on major benefits.

Recite and Rise

On the Judgement day, according to a Hadith, a person will be tested to read the Quran. When they will recite Quran, they will rise to their place in Jannah.

Get Reward for Your Parents

When children read the Quran and do their deeds according to its teachings, Allah certified for outstanding crowns and gorgeous garments in heaven for their parents. It is a beautiful honor for our parents in the akhirah.

Learn the Deen

Memorizing the Quran itself provides a solid substance for learning the Deen properly. Memorization is also a coupled of knowledge and the meaning of the Quran. It’s up to us to understanding it deeply to know about deen.

Make Perfect Your Salah

The lengthening of Namaz will be done with the recite long Surahs. A person who does not memorize the Quran, will not be able to make his namaz as better as before. Long Qiyam can be performed by memorizing the Quran surahs.

Improve Your Memory

Memorization of the Quran can raise a person’s IQ status. If you ask any question from Hafiz or Hafiza related to Islam. They will tell you the right answer from their sharper memory. Hiifz inspires the brain and upsurges its working capability.

Develop Self Control

There is no doubt that finishing Hifz needs a great extent of discipline. When you can be setting up a timetable and resulting through with the consistency essential for memorizing the Quran. And you will certainly do more.


Memorization of the Quran has more benefits in the world and in the other world. With all personal benefits, there is also a bonus one. The latest study shows that people who have more knowledge about Quran or memorize the Quran like Hifz have an inferior risk of diabetes, hypertension, and depression!

For a Hafiz or Hafiza, the opportunities are infinite. They have secured their character, mind, Akhirat, willpower, and also their health. In the way of developing a firm determined is to see the superiority of the Quran and to desire to get the beautiful rewards from Allah! May Allāh award us good health and strength in the mental, physical, growth. May Allah open our chests for curing, guidance, and compassion.