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2 Working Solutions to Fix “QuickBooks Company File Not Found” Error Code

QuickBooks Company File Not Found
QuickBooks Company File Not Found

QuickBooks is a ground-breaking accounting package that sports a user-friendly interface. QuickBooks application is mainly built for small and medium businesses. Nevertheless, like many of its counterpart applications, QuickBooks can have technical flaws which make it difficult to do daily tasks. “QuickBooks Company File Not Found” error code appears whenever a user attempts accessing company files. One of the main causes of its appearance is that the company file being accessed has been shifted to another location in the user’s PC. Moreover, you will look at more such grounds on which the error occurs and find its preventive measures within the post in the upcoming topics.

On the contrary, the user can seek out the issue by detecting its cause and adopting prompt measures to fix the “QuickBooks Company File Not Found” error on one’s own. Though, if you are having a hard time during troubleshooting sessions, call on the toll-free 1.800.579.0391 for better technical help.

Causes behind the “QuickBooks Company File Not Found” error code

Many causes contribute to triggering the “QuickBooks Company File Not Found” error. You may refer to the following to know more about them-

  1. The company file attempted to access has been erased by mistake.
  2. The default location of the company file has changed to a path unfamiliar to QuickBooks.
  3. While on a multi-user mode, a network connection is not strong or stable enough to bridge the communication gap.

Now that we have seen some of the major causes of the error code, we shall take a closer look

Working Solutions to get past the error “QuickBooks Company File Not Found” Error

We have curated some of the best potential solutions which could help the user get rid of the error in no time.

Solution-1: Check the network connection

  1. Quit ‘QuickBooks Desktop’.
  2. Go to ‘Start Menu’. Type ‘Command Prompt’. Right-click to ‘Open’.
  3. A Command Prompt window appears on the screen.
  4. Input text using keyboard ‘ipconfig/all’. Hit the ‘Enter’ key to proceed.
  5. A list of Servers appears in the Command Prompt Console. Take note of each of the servers.
  6. Enter text ‘Ping’ along with the server name. Hit ‘Enter’.

Solution-2: Manually Finding out QuickBooks Company File

  1. Go to ‘Start Menu’. Search for the type of file you desire to access using an asterisk (*) sign with the file extension.
  2. For instance- If the file is an ‘Accountants Change File’, search ‘*.qby’; if it is a ‘backup file’, search ‘*.qbb’, if an ‘Accountant Copy file’, search ‘*.qba’, if it’s an ‘Accountants Transfer File’, search ‘*.qba’, and if that’s a ‘Company File’, search ‘*.qbw.’
  3. Among the search results if you locate the file, hover over the file name, right mouse button, and select ‘Open File Location’.
  4. Note down the accurate location of the file to access it with the right path in the future.

If none of the above solutions work for you, run QuickBooks File Doctor from within QuickBooks Tool Hub to resolve the issue.

We now reach the end of the blog. To conclude, we hope that we were able to equip you with all the necessary information to counter the “QuickBooks Company File Not Found” error code. The queries raised by our customers are promptly responded to using the concise and clear text in the post. However, if there is any relevant topic left out that you need to inquire about, call on the helpline toll-free 1.800.579.0391 for further information.

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