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2021 Beginner’s Guide: How to Make an Animated Video for YouTube for Free


Working hard to get more views on your next YouTube video? Well, you don’t have to work that hard!

Your videos might be lacking something which we call aesthetics. You’ve to learn how to engage your viewer to cling with your video and watch it till the end. There must be some kind of reward for your viewer as well. And definitely, that reward would be the required information which your viewer is looking for.

In order to keep your viewer engaged with your video, you need some healthy and captivating animations. Now, you might think that making professional animations requires a lot of graphic-related skills. But not now my friend!

To make your next YouTube video aesthetically pleasing, we’re here with a beginner’s guide on how to make an animated video by using the best animation video maker online free.

Types of YouTube Animation Videos

There are basically 5 major types of animations that are quite common for YouTube videos.

  • Whiteboard Animation

The whiteboard animations are mostly used by the creators who are teachers by profession. The whiteboard animation is a special video style that includes the use of static images being drawn on a whiteboard with a hand on screen.

This type of animation is quite useful when you’ve to elaborate a concept with a voiceover. A good whiteboard animation can bring necessary engagement of a viewer and it can cling a viewer to view the entire video.

  • 2D Animation

The 2D animations include the use of vector-based animations similar to what was used in Looney Tunes. This technology got much popular back in 90s when cartoon industry started to expand. The technology was quite limited to production house but now, it’s quite popular and common.

You can make rigs of a character and animate it whatever way you want. The 2D animation help creators to bring flexibility in their artwork. For YouTube videos, 2D animations are quite common and popular.

  • 3D Animation

The 3D animations are quite skill-oriented and most of the production houses are still using this technology to create masterpieces. To make a 3D animation, you need someone to design a character, then another creator to build a 3D model of that design, then a creator who would give textures to it, another person would be required to rig that character, and then finally comes the animator.

So, the 3D animations are quite time-consuming but the end-results are quite astonishing since you can add depth (in 3D dimension) to the character.

  • Motion Graphics

Motion graphics refer to the pieces of digital footage that are created to build an illusion of motion. The motion graphics are mostly used in making a multimedia project, product promotional ad, and for similar industry. The motion graphics animations are often coupled with the background music to give the story a strong base.

  • Stop Motion

Stop motion animations are quite time-consuming and requires a lot of patience. The creator of a stop motion animation builds an object and pose it according to the scene, clicks an image, then continue to change its pose and click it. The images are then gathered to create a series of frames moving rapidly. It’s more like flipbook!

How to Make Animated YouTube Videos for Free

Now, you might be thinking that which animation type you should go with. Well, for YouTube videos, only the first two types are quite common and popular. You can do pretty much anything using these two types of creating animation to give life to your story of imagination.

Don’t worry! We’ve got your back with a best animation video maker app – Doratoon!

With Doratoon, you can make easy animations online and you won’t have to worry about gathering skills for it. This animation video maker provides an online platform with which you can make your own animation free of cost. Doratoon, being a free online animation maker, helps you produce some epic animations for your YouTube video.

With hundreds of templates, AI characters, props, and transitions effects, you can do MAGIC with Doratoon. The availability of free characters with AI Dubbing technology makes Doratoon a perfect cartoon video maker as well.

How to Make Aesthetically Advanced YouTube Animation Videos

  • Focus on Scripting

Before working on animations, you should have a strong and appealing scripts for your story. Whether it’s a product promo or your cartoon animation, scripting is the backbone of any animation.

  • Transitions

Your transitions from one scene to another matters a lot and you should pay a lot of attention to it. Doratoon being an animated video maker helps you make easy animations online with great transitions.

  • Captivating Animations

Doratoon offers thousands of templates and characters to use in making your animated video for YouTube. You should add only those templates and characters that fit perfectly well with the overall theme of your story.