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2021 Ultimate Guide: How to Create a Video Presentation Online for Free?


Looking for creating a perfect video presentation online for free? You’re at the right spot!

Whether it’s a business presentation or a class presentation, you need to make sure that your video is compelling enough that it’s keeping your viewers engaged. To convey your message through a video presentation, you have to focus on few of the most crucial steps.

Your overall video theme, template, transitions, imagery, animations, visual effects, and your voice, everything should be sync so perfectly that it creates a compelling flow of the video.

So, in this article, we’re going to discuss how you can easily and effectively create a video presentation free of cost online by using the amazing video presentation software!

What Is a Video Presentation?

A video presentation is the visual illustration of a speaker in a form of a multimedia. It usually is of several seconds and minutes depending upon the topic being discussed in the video. The purpose of the video presentation might be to tell a compelling story through visual aids, promote a newly-launched product, or discussing the new business idea with the stakeholders.

With the advancement of the internet world, the social media is getting much and much stronger than it was ever before. So, video presentations can be quite useful in building a brand, promoting a product, or sharing a story.

Why Make a Video Presentation?

A video presentation has a lot of application in the real world. The two of the most important and major applications of video presentation are in the business field and the educational institutions.

A business video presentation includes a professional exposure of the video elements in order to describe the product features or simply the product promotion.

Secondly, the video presentations are quite important in the academics since students are required to present on assigned topics. So, a perfect presentation can bring you high grades as well since the illustrations of concepts become much more convenient with video presentation.

Best video presentation software online for free

You might be willing to create your own video presentation by now. Don’t just worry, we’ve got you covered with the best video presentation software SOOMUS.

SOOMUS is a video presentation maker that is one of the most easy-to-use video recording software for presentations. You can create stunning video presentations with a great transformation in the presentation experience. All you have to do is to import your PowerPoint slides in the software or you can start making a new presentation from scratch.

SOOMUS, being the best video presentation software is free to download and offer a wide range of epic templates to choose from. You can choose a template which you think fits best with your presentation style and theme.

SOOMUS also provides an option to add texts of different fonts in your video presentation to make it look more interactive. You can also change the way how the presenter / speaker appears on the screen.

You can either shift the presenter window to full screen or small windowed mode as per your requirements of the presentation. You also get an option to move the small window of presenter anywhere on the screen.

Removing backgrounds is just a few clicks away. You can choose to use any background from our list of already available background resource. All these options make SOOMUS the best video presentation editing software.

Tips for Making Video Presentations

Other than being confident and determined, you need to focus on other aspects of your video presentations as well in order to make it more appealing.

1.      Know What You’re Saying

Sometimes, people just copy-paste from the internet and present it straightaway. If you want you presentation to project a professionalism, you need to construct your presentation on your own. Spend some time in researching some key points that are the part of your subject matter.

Moreover, when you make your PowerPoint slides, you invest some quality time in it.

2.      Engage Your Audience

While constructing your PowerPoint slides, put some questions as well to ask from the audience. This is how you’d be able to keep them engaged with your presentation. Well, there are a lot of factors that impede in bringing engagement with the audience.

Avoid extra elaborations and unnecessary examples, just focus on the key points and elaborate only on the integral points. Also, consult Google Scholar as well for extra resources.

3.      Host Questions & Answer Session

As mentioned earlier, keeping your audience engaged in the questioning and answering session will let you bring more involvement from the audience side as well. Always encourage questions and being a presenter, get yourself prepared for the possible questions in advance.



SOOMUS is a video presentation app that allows users to create epic video presentations. Just import your PowerPoint slides or create your own presentation from scratch to get started. The presentation video maker software is self-explanatory and you won’t have to worry about any feature. Everything is there to assist you in making a perfect video presentation.