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Using Preparation H As an Eye Cream – How to Make the Decision Wisely


If you are using preparation H as an eye cream, you may have noticed that there is a strong resemblance to colognes that you normally would find in an eye gel. However, this is only because preparation H is not simply meant for use on the eyes. In fact, it can be used on just about any surface of the body, which is one of the reasons why it is so popular. You can also use it as a nightcream as well, which will work wonders for dry or damaged skin. Just like with a lot of other products, a little bit of research is always good before buying.

Preparation H should be applied after the completion of your usual skin care routine. For instance, if you exfoliate your skin every week, you can skip using this daily lotion for now. If you have yet to exfoliate, it would be best to do so at least once a week, preferably more often so that all of the dead skin cells and dirt that has accumulated on your face and neck can be removed. Once you have exfoliated, your pores will now be cleaner and fresher, which is what this cream aims to do as well. This should be done in the morning right after you wake up, and you should have done it before you go to bed. However, it would be better if you could do this twice a week, preferably thrice.

It is not advisable to apply this cream directly on your skin, instead you should mix it with some water and then massage it on your skin. To begin, you can do this by spraying it onto your entire face. Make sure that it is enough for your face, as you do not want anything to go wrong. Gently pat your face dry and after that you can begin rubbing it on any affected areas of the skin. You might want to take note that your neck is prone to itching so you will have to really rub it well.

The skin around the eyes is very delicate, and you should avoid irritating it. The first time that you try using this on your eyes, you might feel a little uncomfortable but after some time your skin will get used to it. After a few days of using this cream, you will notice that it is doing its job perfectly. The skin around the eyes is the one that gets the thickest during the day, and when you are at night it becomes thinnest.

The main ingredients of this eye cream are Eyeliss, and Haloxyl. These ingredients are effective in treating bags and puffiness under the eyes. Other important ingredients that you should look out for are Shea butter, and vitamin E.

Eyeliss is an excellent natural ingredient that can help in reducing inflammation. Since our skin suffers a lot when we are exposed to sunlight, using an eye cream that contains Eyeliss can certainly be helpful. It is also very rich in antioxidants, which can help in reviving the skin cells around our eyes from the effects of time. And Haloxyl is an ingredient that has been found to help relieve dark circles caused by hemoglobin deposits.

One great thing about this product is that it contains natural oils such as grape seed oil and Babassu oil. These types of ingredients are best applied during the day, as they have a tendency to dry up because of continuous exposure to heat. They are also great in moisturizing the skin.

To ensure that this cream is not clogging up your pores, you should apply a small amount only on the affected areas of your eyes. It is best to do this at night, before going to bed. Once you have applied the eye using preparation h as eye cream, you should immediately wash your face to remove all traces of the cream. The results are amazing! The skin around your eyes will start to glow and will give you an extra glow.