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3 Easy Steps to Come Up With Custom T-Shirt Design Ideas


T-shirts are wardrobe essential across the globe. The attire comprises unique design, and always looks attractive and visually appealing. T-shirts help an individual stand out in the crowd. 

Moreover, custom t shirt are in trend these days. It has been estimated that the global market for custom tees printing industry is going to cross billions USD in the coming years. Demand of custom tees is high because:

  • It is suitable for almost all occasions
  • Available in various sizes
  • Very appropriate as promotional gifts
  • It is available at economical prices
  • Helps in conveying personal & social messages
  • Helps designers explore their creative ideas
  • Turn imagination of creative designers into reality

T-shirts have universal appeal, and are very simple to customize. With the right tools like printers, computers, transfer papers, graphic programs, cutter & heat press you can get started. However, the challenge is to give your tee unique design. If your esteemed clients don’t find the design appealing, there are chances that you are not going to transform marketing leads into sales. 

Figuring out which design suits the texture and style of your custom t-shirt might be the hardest part. Even experienced graphic designers might fall short in bringing forward innovative designs for your custom tees. The entire process of t-shirt designing requires little bit of systematic thinking and apps like Designhill help artisans get samples of designs for their customized tees. 

Furthermore, we have come up with a list of cool, elegant customized t-shirt design ideas. We will help you learn where to look for design inspiration, and find tshirt designs that can boost your sales.

So, let’s get started:

  1. Use Online Resources

Today, everything is online, even the best t-shirt design ideas. Memes, slogans, taglines are the most interesting things you can have on your t-shirts. When it comes to execution of your ideas, you’ll find plenty of options online. 

  • Make Use of a Mockup Generator

There are websites that help you create mockups. Some mockup generator websites offer you various graphics, clipart, fonts, illustrations and symbols that too at zero cost. Even if you have a simple design idea, you can add charm to it with the help of a mockup generator. 

  • Browse Websites Offering Royalty Images & Fonts at Free of Cost

Be a step forward by getting royalty free images to design your custom tee. Royalty-free designs, fonts, photographs help you create a design from scratch. All you need to do is to find a reputable and reliable website to get royalty images of premium quality at zero cost. You can even edit these images, add special elements to it and can make exclusive designs out of it. These free images serve commercial and non-commercial purposes as well.

  1. Discover the Creative in You

Bring your ideas to life! Taking inspiration from everything is a smart approach to create a unique design for your custom t shirt. Trendy taglines, catchy slogans when printed can give life to your tee. Furthermore, there are some other fascinating ways to use your creative skill on your custom t-shirt. 

  • Try the Retro Style

Printed patterns and colorful designs of the 80s and 90s are back. With the availability of numerous retro designs, artisans get an opportunity to give a retro look to the design of their t-shirts. 

  • Go for Collage Designs

Collage design can do wonders to a t-shirt. These designs give a personalized touch to the design too without losing the professional touch. It is advisable to pick clear, compact images and limited pictures to make the collage work well without creating any messy look. Collage design enhances the visibility of all the contrasts and detail. 

  • Infuse Natural Designs

People these days are drawn to nature. Because of several ongoing campaigns that raise awareness about nature, artists are making most of natural things. Showcase natural habitat, birds, mountains, seas, and animals through your designs. Make patterns using leaves, flowers, etc. to add details. 

  • Play with colors

Sometimes you need to use colors in a way that leaves people impressed. You can simply use a tie and dye design using a pp of colors. Or use your imagination and combine the colors of your choice to create something unique! Take inspiration from other artists’ work if needed. 

  • Keep your artwork simple 

A great drawing is what appeals to everyone. And yes, detail is king but executing your design properly is of utmost importance. A well-executed design on a t-shirt is nothing short of a masterpiece. People love to wear such designs. 

When you observe closely, you’ll find that some of the most iconic t-shirts have simple designs. These simplest designs get the message across effectively. Make a design complex, and you’ll struggle with its successful execution. 

  • Go for Hand-Drawn Illustrations

Nowadays designers are giving a try to hand-drawn illustration to create a simple yet exclusive design on a custom t-shirt. Try pick some simple images, and adding witty lines under it would be an excellent way of designing a cool, trendy t-shirt. 

  1. Understand Your Niche

The last but not least thing to consider while designing a t-shirt is to identify your niche. It is crucial to take into consideration who your customers are, to whom are you selling the products. 

Understanding the likes, dislikes and requirements of the clients is a pivotal part of the design process. To know what’s trending on Pinterest and Instagram, to find out some popular quote or saying is a great way to give your customized t-shirt a look that’s in trend, and which would be appreciated by the audience globally. 

Understanding your niche lets you create the exact designs that your audience will love. Also, consider the gender of your audience. Is the design meant for male or female? Or is it for old or young? At the end of the day, you want people to like your design and wear it. 

Like a pro designer, write down the type of audiences you are going to design for. Find out their demographics and other things like brands they prefer etc. 

  • Source a reliable printer

So your design is properly executed and it’s finished. But it would come out nicely on the t-shirt only if you choose a good printer. Go for a reputable printing company. You can even scan your locality for good screen-printers. But it’s always helpful if you do a little research and be clear about the type of print you really need. 

Final Word

With an idea, niche, and available tools, you can create highly appreciable, trendy, cool, and elegant tshirt designs. Hopefully, all these discussed steps will help you stay one step further and create a unique design.