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3 key factors influencing Ethereum’s future


After Bitcoin, Ethereum, a decentralized platform, holds the second position in the cryptocurrency market. Innovative applications are being published on the Ethereum blockchain at a continuous pace. Today, most of the cryptocurrencies recently entered the market are based on the Ethereum blockchain.

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You will learn in this post the factors influencing Ethereum’s future.

The key factors influencing Ethereum’s future

Institutional aspect

The popularity of Ethereum has grown massively among institutions. Currently, Ethereum is the only digital currency other than Bitcoin that has also entered the large institutions’ wallets. Grayscale is an excellent example of this. This is an organization where the value of an Ethereum Trust is many times than Altcoins.

Earlier this 2021, the first “Ethereum futures” was launched, which are sure to become much popular among larger-scale institutions and giant investors.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

DeFi is intimately associated with the Ethereum ecosystem. DeFi is a generic term for various services that use blockchain technology to create an entirely new financial sector. Most of the most popular DeFi services lack their own blockchain. Therefore, they are built on the Ethereum platform.

Today, the number of different DeFi services is growing at a rapid pace. Therefore, further growth is projected to speed up soon. It seems that the time is about to come when DeFi has all the similar services currently offered by traditional banking institutions. If we compare with the traditional banking system, the DeFi-enabled open market is also much more efficient.

Currently, DeFi is developing at an incredible rate. DeFi allows you to use the well-known services of conventional banks to be emphasized in the future. DeFi already includes quite a few services similar to the traditional banks’. In the future, we may find ourselves in a situation where the traditional banks offer considerably less variety of services. DeFi offers many opportunities, and its explosive growth in popularity also assures something good for Ethereum’s future.

Ethereum 2.0

Ethereum 2.0 is a highly anticipated update to Ethereum that intends to solve the scalability issue of Ethereum. Recently, the success of DeFI services has again shed light on the limitations of the Ethereum network. As the use of this network increases, so will the transaction costs. Ethereum 2.0 is projected to provide a solution to this problem in the future. It is also expected that it will increase Ethereum’s scalability to the required level.

Due to Ethereum 2.0, Ethereum is moving to use the ‘Proof of Stake’ consensus algorithm instead of the current ‘Proof of Work’. It means that maintenance work for the Ethereum blockchain will be done by staking in the future rather than mining.

An essential part of considering Ethereum’s future is Ethereum 2.0. The continuity of its future success is based on if Ethereum solves the scalability problem and substantial transaction costs. However, Ethereum 2.0 experiences considerable delays or goes utterly wrong, opening the door for its competitors.

Currently, Ethereum is dominating the cryptocurrency market, as it is the well-liked and largest ecosystem. DeFI services’ users are growing fast, and institutional investors have begun to acquire Ethereum for their own wallets. The scalability issue has been discussed for a long time. So, there is a hope Ethereum 2.0 will solve this issue. Presently, Ethereum dominates its competitors in terms of market value and the number of developers. It seems that Ethereum has some challenges, but its future looks very bright.

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