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3 Reasons Behind Exhaust Smell in House


Do you smell pungent exhaust smells in your home? 

If yes, don’t take it lightly. The exhaust smell in the house contains carbon monoxide that can make you very sick and even causes death. If you are under the influence of carbon monoxide for too long, it can be very dangerous. 

A carbon monoxide level above 100 PPM is dangerous for both kids and adults. Therefore, whenever you smell exhaust smell in house, immediately locate the cause and fix it. 

The reason behind exhaustion smell can be anything—leakage in the furnace, damaged appliances, or something totally different. However, there are a few common things that you should immediately check when the exhaust smell in house becomes unbearable:

Faulty Duct System 

If you are smelling fumes around your house, this might be because your duct exhaust system is flowing air backward, making it the main culprit. 

The ducts can exude exhaust smell back inside the home—when rust has coated flue ducting, or there’s leakage in pipes. To find the actual cause of the exhaust smell, you have to inspect your duct system thoroughly. So, gather up some flashlights and safety gear before inspecting your ducts. 

If rusting in the flue duct is the culprit, you should use a brush to remove rust from the ducts. Next, you can give a grease coating to prevent further rust formation. If you are dealing with stubborn rust, you should give a zinc-rich cold galvanizing spray paint coating as well. 

However, if there’s a leakage in the pipes; you might need to contact professionals as you can’t find small holes in your ductwork without proper tools. Professionals can properly check your ducts and can even fix the smallest leaks. 

Blockage in HVAC System 

If your HVAC system has a physical object in the way of an exhaust pump, it can reverse the airflow system and produce a pungent smell. Now, we aren’t talking about rust or leak; we are talking about a real blockage like a bird’s nest, debris mountain, and such. 

When a bird’s nest is blocking your HVAC system, you need to remove it very carefully without harming birds in any way. In many countries, it is illegal to kill birds, so be very cautious while dealing with a bird’s nest. And, if possible, call a professional for help. 

Secondly, if you haven’t cleaned your duct system since you have installed it, you might find a big mountain of dust and debris in ducts that can pollute the air and block airflow. To avoid such a situation, you should regularly clean your ducts. If you don’t have time to regularly clean your ductwork, you should book a professional duct cleaning company to help you out. 

Garage Fumes

If you have recently built your home and you are experiencing a bad exhaust smell even when your ducts are fully cleaned, the culprit might be your garage. In many homes, it has been noted that garage fumes can enter inside the house and produce a pungent smell. 

If you have a newly constructed home, and there’s some leak or hole in either the ceilings or walls, the fumes from the garage can enter into the house. To fix this problem, you need to contact your contractor and get the walls and ceilings checked. 

The exhaust smell in house can be dangerous and bad for your family health—therefore, you should get it fixed as soon as possible. If you want to find out the real cause behind the exhaust smell and quickly fix it, you can contact the Millers Heating experts and effectively get rid of the exhaust smell in your house.