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3 smple steps to change to eco friendly life

smple steps
smple steps

Energy is the most important element of life. It has been around for a long time and has many images and defines different types of transformation, as well as diverse sources. The primitive man used energy directly from its first source, the sun. But as science and technology evolved, fossil fuels were discovered, which became the world’s first and main energy source. However, fossil fuels caused the production of greenhouse gases, which caused environmental pollution of all kinds, and punctured the ozone layer.

That’s why people are looking again for clean and sustainable energy sources. The solution was the same primitive energy system, that is, clean renewable natural energy but with modern technological flavors. Windmills are wind turbines. The Sun has become an electricity source by converting sunlight with photovoltaic plates. Seawater, oceans, valleys and dams have also been exploited to produce clean electricity.

However, despite significant progress in the field of renewable energy, people still rely primarily on traditional sources of energy for their lives, whether as individuals or as a whole, as Governments or as economic institutions. And the challenge here is, how does man change from a lifestyle based on non-renewable energies to a life based on renewable sources of energy?

Steps to transform into a living system based on renewable energy.

1/Reliance on renewable energy sources: Instead of providing homes, enterprises or even factories with electricity with conventional sources of energy, they can be equipped with renewable electricity systems. Like solar, wind, biomass… Et cetera. This idea must be established in homes because people always link environmental pollution to factory gas production only, and the electricity used in their homes overlooks the environment as well. That’s because greenhouse gases are burned into electricity, and then supplied to residential complexes. We must therefore bear in mind that even if we rationalize electricity consumption, or if we compare with economic and industrial institutions, we cause very little pollution. However, the logic is that there are far more houses than factories, so we need to broaden our perspective and think that we are influencing the planet as a huge community, not just as an individual.

This contributes to environmental conservation and prompts companies to convert their products into environmentally friendly products under the pressure of consumer demand. For example, electrical devices can be purchased and energy-efficient devices can be selected. Plastic bags can also be replaced with permanent canisters.

3/Recycling is a vast area that is not limited to just one type of waste, but can recycle glass, plastic, metals, fabrics, paper and… They can also be used to remake various objects, which can be a machine, a piece of art, furniture or other creative work.

4/ This step includes activities such as donating items that are still usable to charities, using organic natural waste as natural fertilizer or as a renewable energy source, renovating antique furniture instead of throwing it away… Et cetera.

5/To continue to raise awareness and knowledge of the importance of renewable energies and to establish the idea of reliance on them in children through the application, especially because they are the future of the world.