3 Web Design Aspects That’ll Give Shopping Portals the Panache and Substance to Impress

Online shopping portals are one of the most visited websites on the internet. We all love to shop on the go, and coupled with convenience, online shopping is very common across most countries around the … Read More

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Online shopping portals are one of the most visited websites on the internet. We all love to shop on the go, and coupled with convenience, online shopping is very common across most countries around the world. Big companies like Amazon and eBay have millions of customers that they cater to daily. Amazon has millions of Prime customers too, who pay premium fees to get same-day delivery and other features/facilities exclusive to them.

Have you ever wondered why both the websites mentioned get billions of dollars in revenue while millions of other websites failed to get just a few thousand dollars? Of course, Amazon is a big brand, and everyone knows that they can get virtually anything they can think of, but it is the flawless website and excellent customer support which is the hallmark of its services.

For small businesses and startups, web design can be a great way to get the attention of their target audience. But creating a design for a website used to be impeccable, and you just cannot get an amazing design by just rehashing a popular website’s theme and layout. So what do you need to do as this is a critical aspect of any website’s success? And what to do when you try to establish a business in a big metropolitan city, like Dubai, or any other city?

Please go through this blog as I discuss three important aspects that can make e-commerce websites, especially shopping portals, work big time.

  1. Design to Impress

Think about Amazon’s home page and try to count how many great features you see in the design. The design is not groundbreaking and is not very sophisticated either. It is the simplicity in which it conveys the message to the presented without beating about the bush. And that is what small businesses are looking for that most customers will get in their web design. Try to incorporate virtually everything that can be put onto a website to work for them.

The example mentioned above about business doing it all wrong is the foundation as these websites cannot get enough eyeballs. Therefore, you need to design a website that can attract your visitors instantly, and for online shopping portals, it is a necessity.

Use of CTAs

Call to Action buttons, and smart one-liners/taglines can enhance the design of a website. For a shopping portal, it is imperative because you need to engage your visitors, and what better way than to use smart CTAs? Discount offers and coupons are what most people look for, and even a minor discount can be displayed brilliantly with a nice tagline. Imagine why you would refer to a new shopping portal over all the established ones? After all, you will get everything from Amazon, so why would anyone try out a new website about which he has no information? That is why your design should speak for itself.

When designing CTA buttons, your emphasis should be on attracting every random visitor with a choice which he cannot refuse. While the discount offers will be varied and according to the season, the design can work for you. If you still cannot figure out how to make this happen, assistance from a reputed website design company Dubai will be of great help to you.

  1. A Shopping Experience Par Excellence

Amazon offers total peace of mind to everyone, regardless if they are shopping for the first of the umpteenth time. That is why everyone looks forward to Amazon as they know they will be better off. So how are you going to make them with a product from you? Certainly, it will be very difficult for you to compete with Amazon on the price, but you can attract them with the great web design. A design that speaks for itself rather than something that is forced. Make a design that compliments your product rather than using whiz-bang images and graphics that are of no use.

A great design can help visitors go through the website with ease and move around without finding any difficulty. Make certain that the use of colors and fonts is exemplary as it counts in making a design look the part. For shopping portals, you need to use bold and vibrant colors rather than subtle ones, which cannot get the attention of most visitors.

  1. Shopping Cart 

One of the most critical aspects related to web design is how you are going to make your shopping cart work in your favor. Surely every visitor of yours who is interested in buying a product will use the shopping cart. Most websites offer a standard design of the shopping cart, and this is in the form of a shopping trolley. It is fine, but there is much room for improvement in depicting the shopping cart and the right way.

Amazon uses a shopping cart design that gives it a 3D look. This looks pleasing to the eyes and also makes the user engaged in the proceedings. It is just a suggestion that you may or may not opt for depending on the type of products you are marketing on your shopping portal. But it would be best if you thought about using such innovative techniques to make your shopping cart stand out.

In the final step, where the user has to checkout with all the products he has bought, the design can again do the trick for you. You can show thumbnails of all the products that he has bought and make distinct colors to show what discount he got. Also, the final price can be mentioned with a different font or bold color like red to emphasize it. Just through colors and fonts, you can make the shopping cart look awesome and display everything that is important to the visitor.

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