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3 Web Design Factors that can Transform your Portal to Look a Class Apart


Web design is always seen by businesses as something that they cannot master. That is why most of them try to mimic the success of a popular website or just go with the flow and create a standard website.  Most business owners believe that they can sell their products just through low prices and good marketing. This is also possible, but when you work hard on your web design, it will translate into more success.

It does not matter whether you are about to launch your business in Dubai or trying to redesign your current website, the following three factors will help you understand the design. And what you can do to get the attention of your target audience. 

  1. Simplicity 

There is beauty in every simple thing, and the same is true for web design. It would be best to think about how you can make your website do the trick for you without going overboard. Once you try to experiment with it in web design, you can easily go out of scope. Everyone looks forward to other designs that look out of this world and offer something unique to the visitors. But things can be done without going berserk with the design and do the basics right. 

Exceptional graphics and the use of high-quality images can give your website a great look. But it is not the requirement for every website as a financial portal can do without Earth-shattering graphics and high definition images. The visitors on these websites rather look for the offer and the quality of service. For example, a bank doesn’t need anything that looks snazzy and loud. A simple design making a person sit back and take notice of it is enough for a website to make its presence felt. 

  1. Universality 

The universality of the design is one aspect that is very important to make it viewed well by the majority of people. All the website visitors must get along with it and feel an instant connection with the design. A universal design has all the chances to get people who do not do it rather than a unique theme related to a particular region, city, or country. But there are some exceptions.

However, there are cases when you need to make a design specifically for a region. For example, suppose you are based in Dubai and want to make a design for the upcoming cultural event. In that case, your website must provide everything related to it. Right from the theme and layout, everything will be Arabic-centric. A person not belonging to this region will find it hard to interpret all the symbols and pictures. But these examples do not count when you are designing websites for e-commerce businesses and online shopping portals.

  1. Room for Redesigning and Updates

No matter how brilliant your current web design is, if there is no room for redesigning it to make it adequate according to the latest trends, then you will find it difficult in the future. While there is always the option of a complete redesign from scratch, not every company can afford it. Most of the websites are just updated after some time to make it look the part and trendy. 

When it comes to programming languages like HTML, they are upgraded automatically, and even the code does not require a change. However, with new functions and options, a designer can offer something extra to his clients. The same is true for scripting languages like JavaScript.

If you think you also need a change in your website designed two years ago, go for a consultancy session with an exceptional web design Dubai company. This will help you know what can be done to your website and to what extent you need help making your website’s design a class apart. 

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