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Norstrat – The Full Information about a Business


Norstrat is an Australian firm that has been operating for more than a decade. Their experience in the development of innovative solutions can help them work with clients from a variety of sectors such as government. Their wide range of services can also help in the development of their marketing strategies. The team is committed to helping clients improve their business skills and formulate powerful statements. Despite their long background, Norstrat aims to keep the best interests of their clients in the forefront and is a sought-after consultant for many Canadian as well as foreign companies.

Architecture & Cybersecurity

The company’s multidisciplinary nature allows it to collaborate with many different kinds of clients. Apart from the military and the government, Norstrat also works with health authorities and various other agencies of the government. Their employees are skilled in the fields of architecture as well as cyber security. The company is dedicated to providing the highest level of service for its customers. Indeed the best clients are the most experienced and also those with the broadest backgrounds.

Strategic Consultation

The expertise of Norstrat is in strategic consulting. The company is associated with the military and government. Its team of consultants and engineers has assisted clients to improve their processes for business. Apart from its expertise in the digital and energy industries the company is also a globally recognized consultancy firm. With its vast knowledge of the energy and oil sector, the company assists clients develop new and more efficient digital strategies and business models.