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4 Fascinating Historic Floor Tile Patterns You Should Learn About

hexagon tile backsplash

When it comes to design elements of any home – be it bathroom, kitchen, living space, or bedrooms, tiles are always there. Using tiles effectively and smartly can enhance the overall appearance and aesthetics of your house. Whether you talk about hexagon tile backsplash or subway patterns for shower walls, tiles have the power to take the looks of your home to the next level.

There are a lot of people who love using historic tile patterns to give their home a vintage look. A vintage look can be extremely attractive when done perfectly. I mean, there’s a reason why historic tile patterns are still popular. So, if you are also looking to use some historical patterns in your home, you have to first learn about them. And you are in the right place for that. In this post, you are going to get familiar with some of the best historic tile patterns. You can even use these patterns today in your home to enhance the overall aesthetics of your home. Having said that, let’s get started.

Hexagon tile pattern
One of the most popular tile patterns that people still use is hexagon (honeycomb-like) patterns. From hexagon backsplash to floor tile patterns, hexagon tiles can fit almost everywhere.

If you talk about earlier days, hexagon tiles were extremely popular at that time, too, especially white color tiles. The best part about using hexagon tiles is that you can use them for subtle as well as modern and attractive looks. You just have to use the right colors and designs to get what you want. By using small 1” size hexagon tiles, you can get creative with patterns and incorporate them into your home.

Penny round
If you are talking about historic tile patterns, you can not afford to miss out on the hexagon cousins, penny round. Penny round tiles were a highly popular mosaic tile option. These tiles were usually available in ¾” and 1” size, which allowed people to use them very creatively. Penny round tiles were used for creating a unique look, especially when looked at from a distance. The round shape of these tiles helped them create a large portion of grout. It was larger than most of the other tile options available at that time. That is why people used to pay special attention to the grout color while selecting these tiles.

Tiles don’t always need an odd shape like a hexagon to look amazing. And square tiles proved just that. These tiles were one of the most popular historic floor tile options. In fact, they still are relevant today. People could find them in small (1”) and large (3” and larger) sizes. They were even used in the borders for the hexagon and penny round floors.

These historic tile patterns can be used today as well. Many people use hexagon tile backsplash and square tiles for floors. These tiles can enhance the appearance of your home while making it look unique.