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4 Functions of VoIP Phone System That Help Businesses Grow

The VoIP phone system is fully packed with useful features which is very beneficial for all sizes of organizations.

VoIP Phone System

We live in a super-digital world where technology pervades every aspect of our lives. Virtual telephone systems are an integral part of enterprise communications. Plus, the versatile capabilities of the VoIP platform make task management certainly very simple and structured. Top providers of cloud PBX telephone systems provide enterprises with reliable service and comprehensive after-sales support. A customizable VoIP phone system is so affordable and cheap in the long run that businesses can save up to 75% on phone bills.

Indeed, if your business operates in overseas markets, virtual office phone numbers can increase brand awareness and establish a presence with local customers. Your global customers will be able to contact you whenever they want. Plus, they are more likely to stay connected to your business in the long run.  The various new features that come with today’s VoIP telephony systems have revolutionized the telecommunications industry. They effectively reduced customer call waiting time and helped organizations provide the highest quality and uninterrupted customer support.

Basic Understanding of VoIP Phone System

Voice Internet Protocol allows calls to be made over an internet connection rather than a local telephone company. Voice over IP converts voice into a digital signal, compresses it, and sends it over the Internet. The VoIP service provider establishes a connection between all participants. Then, on the receiving side, the digital data is decompressed into the sound you hear on your handset.

Thus, businesses choose VoIP because they can make calls without telephone service, saving on long-distance calling charges. If you have internet access, you do not need any additional copper wire. This means that employees can also work from home or from outside to the office. To call someone using VoIP, you need a SIP-compatible desk phone or cloud PBX calling app. An IP address is assigned so that you can make calls from the network. In contrast to landlines, you can make calls in high definition (HD).

Important Features of VoIP

Here are several features of VoIP system for all sizes of businesses:

  • Video Conference Call in VoIP

Companies may need employees to communicate with partners, customers, and stakeholders who may be geographically dispersed. Conference calls on most virtual phone systems connect team members seamlessly in real-time and collaborate on work-related issues.

Video Call Conferencing gives employees the freedom to communicate with a variety of stakeholders and make informed decisions for the benefit of the company, regardless of location. Conference calls are a very useful feature because they increase availability, eliminate physical distance, and ensure maximum connectivity.

  • Do Not Disturb in VoIP

The “Do Not Disturb” feature can reduce a lot of stress. You can use this feature to stop incoming calls. It can be used during conferences and meetings. You also have the option to ask the caller to leave a message in voicemail or other options.

  • Transfer Calls in VoIP

Customers are arguably the king of today’s competitive markets. Plus, businesses need to improve their communication games to stay connected with their valuable customers. One of the most useful new features of VoIP business tools is the call transfer feature.

You can transfer important calls to any mobile number, personal phone number, or landline number. The call is automatically redirected to an available line so you don’t have to contact a support agent. Call Forwarding improves company availability 24 hours a day, allowing team members to answer calls while on the move.

  • Number Portability in VoIP

No one likes to change phone numbers. You probably already gave countless people your phone number, printed it on your business card, and pasted it on your letterhead. Changing it is a hassle and can cause you to lose your business. With the VoIP system, local numbers can be “ported” to the new VoIP system, making the migration nearly seamless. In short, your customers never know that you have changed their phone system.

Final Thoughts

VoIP business systems provide a high level of added value to businesses thanks to their Internet-based capabilities. Whether it’s a call hold and transfer tool or more advanced technologies such as video calls and hot desks, VoIP phone capabilities are becoming an integral part of business communication. This and the cost savings of landline systems make it an attractive option for large and small businesses. These Features build up the abilities of the VoIP phone system as an office phone.