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4 Game-Changing Denture Implant Innovations to Look Out for in Brisbane

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The denture implant is one of the most popular dental solutions in Brisbane. It feels comfortable, looks natural, does not fall out, and is easy to maintain. It is the closest you can get to having your real ones back if you lost multiple teeth.

With the best denture implants in Brisbane, you get a perfect balance of functionality and aesthetics. This is a result of years of innovation in the field of dentistry. And as more and more people turn to this dental solution, you can expect it to get even better. Here are the latest technologies used by dentists in Brisbane.

Cone Beam Computed Tomography

Cone Beam Computed Tomography or CBCT is a piece of imaging equipment that dentists use to evaluate the bone structure of a patient’s jaws. With this technology, dentists can see how critical structures, including nerves, bones, and teeth, are positioned relative to each other.

The information generated by the CBCT helps dentists decide with great accuracy if a patient is a good candidate for the denture implants has to offer. It can also be an effective tool to explain key details to patients and help alleviate their doubts and fears about the procedure.

Digital Technology for Designing Denture Implants

Before, implants could not be designed to fit the patient perfectly. Dentists often have to remove a small amount of bone when installing denture implants using the traditional technology available.

Recent advancements in computer-aided implant design and production will help dentists plan each case virtually and increase the accuracy of the implants to within tenths of a millimetre. It can minimise or even eliminate the loss of bone during the procedure.

This technology is much more effective than the two-dimensional radiograph currently used in building casts for the recreation of missing teeth, allowing the more accurate placement of the prosthesis.

The Osstell System

This technology allows dentists to assess the stability of an implant without performing any invasive procedures. In addition, it determines the degree of osseointegration in as short as a few seconds, protecting the patient’s healing process.

The Osstell system uses SmartPeg, which works like a tuning fork. Magnetic forces from the probe make the SmartPeg vibrate and generate different frequency levels, depending on the density of the bone.

These frequencies are displayed on the screen within seconds. The healthier and denser the bone is, the higher the frequency is. So if you get a lower value than before, it means that the implant is not integrating into your jawbone correctly, and the dentist will have to intervene.

Antibacterial Coating

Once you have the best denture implants in Brisbane, it is important to keep them safe from different types of bacteria found in the mouth. This will help make them last longer and allow you to get more return on your investment.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to do this is by using antibacterial coatings. The most basic iteration of this dental solution is a variation of chlorhexidine, which is a common mouthwash used to control gum disease.

The latest version is a silica sol-gel coating. Aside from protecting the prosthetic from toxic acids, this antibacterial coating has the added benefit of accelerating the implant’s integration into the bone. Denture implants are fast becoming the go-to dental solution for most patients in Brisbane. It allows you to eat and speak naturally, improving your quality of life.

With current and upcoming technological developments, you can expect denture implants to be even better in the future.