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4 Important Career Advice From Jack Ma

4 Important Career Advice From Jack Ma

Forbes puts Jack Ma’s net worth at over $40 billion. He is the second-richest man in China.

Alibaba’s IPO, which he co-founded and was the CEO of, set a new record for the largest international initial public stock exchange at $25 billion.

He was also a top Chinese and world business leader, a global leader, and one of the most powerful businesspersons as well as the best CEOs.

This article will tell you about great career advice Jack Ma wants to share with you.

Your first job is the most important. 

It’s much more than that. It’s like a sprinter race, where starting position matters. A job is a way to gain experience and develop ideas.

It’s also about the money. You are the ideal age to find a job that will value your skills and knowledge. You should also be able to master the basics and build a career out of it.

Teaching children soft skills are vital for the future:  

Ma spoke at Davos 2018 to say that teaching children soft skills is crucial to the future.

“If we don’t change the way that we teach, we will be in trouble in 30 years.” Our children are taught things from the past 200 year. It’s knowledge-based. We cannot teach them to compete with machines that will be smarter.

“We must teach our children something different so that machines can’t catch up to us: values and believing, independent thinking teamwork, teamwork, care, compassion – the soft skill – music, art, sports, to ensure humans are different than machines.

Maximize your 30s

Ma suggested that after mastering your skills, it was time to improve your position. Develop a mindset that builds a community in your late 20s.

You can improve your connections and create a community around you. Your network will be the future pillar for your business.

Your network can help you spread your income sources. Establish relationships with trusted partners to build a network of income sources.

Look for a business that you can run. This is the first step to your independence.

Money is not happiness. 

It’s responsibility. Jack Ma, who was a Chinese-speaking teacher after college, stated that money wasn’t happiness. One million dollars is enough to be considered a lucky person.

If you have 10,000,000 dollars, you are in trouble. If you have more money than one billion or 100 million dollars, you have a responsibility. People trust you to spend money well.

These were great career lessons Jack Ma wanted to share with you. These speeches were compiled from Jack Maa’s interviews and public conferences. These lessons can help you to see your career as a positive one.

4 Important Career Advice From Jack Ma

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