4 Reasons to Choose Android Application Development Over iOS

Are you in confusion about whether to develop your product as an Android or iOS application? Ahead of choosing a platform to develop your product idea into a smartphone application, You must know about its … Read More

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Are you in confusion about whether to develop your product as an Android or iOS application? Ahead of choosing a platform to develop your product idea into a smartphone application, You must know about its pros and cons. Here you will find the benefits of hiring android application development services to develop your app. The decision to choose an application development platform mostly depends on some crucial factors such as your target audience, project timeline, application features, maintenance budget, and revenue. 

For large organizations having more assets, several platforms can be used for application development simultaneously. While for startups and small businesses, it is one of the most significant questions to choose the right platform for their app development, which can easily affect the growth of that business or startup.

Nowadays, organizations are turning towards smartphone applications to get some exceptional growth in their systems and target a higher client base. The Android operating system is ruling the smartphone application market with about 72.2% market share in application development.

A question that frequently arises in every mind is, “What are the reasons that help you decide whether to build your application on Android or iOS first?”

Here, we will be discussing the advantages of Android application development. So, let’s explore the reasons for choosing Android application development over iOS.

Reasons for Choosing Android Application Development over iOS

Every product owner needs to deal with a creative approach to catch the sight of potential clients. You, as a product owner, will have a goal to make a huge client base and generate more revenue.

As a contribution to the ongoing digital revolution, most of the industries are entirely under the influence of the entry of Android applications for smartphones.

iOS is also a famous platform, but Android might be a better choice for you. Following are the reasons to let you know the advantages of choosing Android application development services over iOS to develop the app for your product idea.

Scalable and Versatile

After the launch of Android Studio, the flexibility and scalability of Android OS have rapidly increased. With Android Studio, you can carry out effective integrations for your application in Android’s ecosystem, including smartphones, Android TV, tablets, and digital Wearables.

You can easily build your Android application that is compatible with upcoming technologies such as IoT, AR, and VR. You can have these benefits for sure by choosing the Android application development.

Low Entry Barriers

To develop an iOS application, you must have to use a Mac. There are no such restrictions for Android application development. Android apps can be built on any of the Mac, Windows, and Linux OS.

Besides this, you have to pay a charge of $99 per year to register yourself as a developer on Apple App Store, while only a single payment of $25 is enough to enlist you as a developer on the Google Play Store.

Simply we can say that the entry cost for an Android developer is lesser than an iOS developer.

In case you are going to develop an Android application, then your app will get the approval to publish your app on Google Play Store within 24 hours. In comparison, App Store officials take up to 15 days for the same.

Global Market Share

According to the analytics of the last few years, Android is dominating the market with a consistent pace and has enlisted its presence in a broader geographical and demographic range of smartphone users.

IDC data for the market states that 72.2% of the smartphone market share shipped across the world is entirely dominated by the Android Market. In contrast, the iOS market developed by Apple has only a 27% per cent share of the overall industry.

These statistics would be enough for you to know how beneficial an Android platform is to develop the application for your product idea with the help of an android app agency. Because here, you can get more benefits and opportunities of developing at a higher model of investment to target more users and create more revenue.

Low Development Cost and High ROI

Since the Android platform has a huge number of active users from progressively diverse backgrounds, apps are less expensive. Most of the applications are available for free to download and are easily traceable on the play store as compared to the other operating system.

This is specifically useful for startups and new businesses to launch their apps on the Android platform.

Developing your own Android applications is cheap as you don’t need to pay any expense every year to be an Android developer, and also, there is no need to pay for SDK tools.

The highest expense for you will be the design phase of your app. It incorporates graphics and assets, coding and audio creation. You can also include the ASO, advertisement cost, and several other things to improve the success rate.

Wrapping Up

These reasons are just a glimpse of the hundreds of advantages you can get while choosing Android application development over iOS. In the past few years, the market has experienced a huge shift in Android Application Development. Android OS of Google is now moving towards a combined and quicker experience chosen to meet clients’ desires worldwide.

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