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4 Reasons Why Realme Got Success In India


Indians have a variety of choices when it comes to smartphone purchases, starting from lower-end models to mid-tier devices and on to premium smartphones. However, budget-friendly handsets make up the majority of phone sales in India. Realme is one of the newest brands to take this affordable smartphone market by storm in the country.

Before you pick up Realme latest mobile, consider how and why this company experienced such success within a limited period.

When and how did Realme start operations?

Realme began operations as a subsidiary of Oppo, a popular Chinese phone brand, in 2018. However, soon afterwards, Realme cut its ties with the parent company, instead deciding to operate on its own. Its high quality but inexpensive models were an instant hit with Indian consumers.

Today, it competes with other affordable smartphone brands, such as Xiaomi, Vivo and many more. If you are planning to buy the Realme latest mobile phone soon, you should know the secrets to the company’s success.

Why did Realme succeed in India?

Realme primarily focuses on products, whose price ranges from anywhere between Rs.7000 and Rs.20000. You can get some of the best smartphones under 20000 by Realme. You can also rest easy knowing that Realme upcoming mobile phones will bear a similar price tag. Here are some benefits of choosing the brand – 

  • No compromise with quality

Even though the smartphones are reasonably priced, they are sturdy and feature high-end specs. For example, the Realme 6 Pro will set owners back by around Rs.19000. However, it features 6 GB of RAM, an octa-core Snapdragon processor, quad-camera setup on the back and so much more.

This ability to keep prices in check even for handsets will relatively high-end specs has allowed Realme latest mobile devices to find such success in the Indian market.

  • Available online and offline

Realme ensures ample stock of their various products, whether you are looking to buy from online or offline retailers. Thus, when looking to order the Realme upcoming mobile handsets, customers have various options to consider. Also, Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card users can finance their purchase via the card’s high pre-approved credit limit when buying through popular e-commerce portals. This ensures easier affordability and availability.

  • Stylish devices

Besides providing the latest features and specifications, Realme handsets are also some of the most stylish models available. For example, consider the Realme 6 Pro, which is one of the company’s latest offerings. It sports a bezel-less display, with only dual punch-hole cut-outs to house the two front-facing cameras. The stylish nature of the handsets is an additional draw for smartphone enthusiasts.

  • Value for money

Realme devices offer higher value for money than many other smartphone brands in the country. For instance, the Realme 7 sports a Full HD display, running at 90Hz. It would cost users around Rs.15000 to buy this handset. At this price point, only a handful of smartphone companies offer phones with a 90Hz refresh rate display. Thus, Realme products’ value for money is unparalleled.

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Realme latest mobile phones feature advanced technologies and components under the hood. If you are a true smartphone enthusiast, the performance, build quality and affordable pricing will likely impress you. With such products on offer, the company may continue tasting success in the future as well.