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4 Signs You’re Drifting Apart from Your Significant Other


The base of every relationship is love. Whether you’re still dating or already committed, love is the binding force that keeps two people together. However, there are times when people feel like they are falling apart. It seems like love is long gone, and two people are living together just for the sake of it. What most people do here is get separated. However, this is not always the right thing to do. 

If you feel like you are falling out of love and don’t connect to your SO like before, consider going for couple counselling.There are numerous clinics where you can find couples therapy in Dubai. Who knows that by putting in a little bit of effort, you’ll be able to spark those diminishing flames again and start anew?

On this note, today we’re going to tell you about some visible signs that show you’re growing apart from your partner. Take a look at them:

Don’t Pay Attention to Each other

When you start feeling that you no longer want to know what your better half is up to it is a clear sign that you’re no longer interested in the relationship. This also includes not focusing on them while they’re talking instead your mind just wanders off. This can lead to the feeling of not really knowing one another.

No Longer Do Each other Favours

Another sign that you’re drifting apart is when you stop doing those special things for him/her like you used to do. This could include things such as delivering breakfast in bed, caring for their needs, going an extra mile to buy their favourite doughnuts etc. If you’re at this stage, then it’s clear that you and your partner need couples therapy.

You Can No Longer Agree

When you start quarrelling with each other on every little thing you talk about, it’s a sign that you’re drifting apart from your SO. Although having a difference of opinions is normal for couples but disagreeing on every single thing isn’t a healthy sign. 

Prefer Spending Time Alone Rather Together

Similarly, when you sense that you have started enjoying being alone more than cuddling up with your partner, it’s a sign of differences brewing among you. Furthermore, if you no longer feel the urge to talk to them or spend time with them, it’s also a warning that you’re getting out of love. Not feeling the need to get involved with your partner is not a healthy sign for any relationship. Therefore, when you feel that you no longer want to be with them rather you want to be alone, seek help.

Final Thoughts!

One thing that you should keep in mind is that it’s natural and every relationship goes through ups and downs. But how you overcome these little hurdles is what defines the depth of your relationship. So, even if you feel you are falling out of love, try to give it some time before you actually quit it.

Instead of giving up on your relationship and each other, it’s always good to get some counselling. Because, no matter how easy it may seem to break up and leave it all, letting someone you love go is really difficult. Therefore, it’s best to see any good psychologist in Dubai and ask for their help in determining the underlying issues in your relationships.