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4 Thoughtful Gifts To Send To Your Dad On Father’s Day


Fathers are often hard to shop for, especially when they claim to have everything. It is even more tricky when you are away from your Dad on a special occasion specially designated to him. Yes, we are talking about Father’s Day. 

Nothing breaks the heart of a Father more than his children being away from him. This is why it is important to make him feel special at every turn. So even if you can’t physically be with him on this special day, sending him a gift portraying just how much you love him can work too king size beds.  A thoughtful gift along with a few sweet words are guaranteed to make his day. Plus, this will show that even though you are not there with him, you still love and care for him. 

Additionally, after his constant hard work to make sure you have the best life, Father’s Day is the time to show how much you appreciate all that. So leave the standard gifts of boring ties and t-shirts behind and send your Father something that will bring a smile to his face. Fortunately, you can find a collection of truly amazing Father’s Day gifts at Sentiments Express. Here is a list of some of those gifts.

M Jafferjees Wallet

Most Fathers carry a tattered and bruised wallet that they have been using for years. So Father’s Day may be a time to switch it out. Luckily, at Sentiments Express, we have the finest quality wallet by none other than M Jafferjees. They are a very well-known name when it comes to providing one-of-a-kind bags and wallets. So sending your Father this brand’s wallet will surely be a truly special gift. It has a classic sleek design with plenty of storage space for cash and cards. Plus, you will have a choice of going for either black or tan. So make a choice and send this amazing gift to your Father the next Father’s Day.

Smart Watch

Every man, including your Father, is obsessed with anything related to technology, and we are sure that a smartwatch is no exception. We have a Gettit’s smartwatch from their recent Vision series. It has a very sleek design, which makes it look good with both western and eastern fits. Plus, it is compatible with any smartphone, be it android or iPhone. Apart from that, it will make a great gift for your Dad because it will help him keep track of his health. So get it delivered to your father, and he will surely love this thoughtful gift.


Wired earplugs are old news now. So switch out your Dad’s old earplugs with these high-quality BlueTooth earphones. We have secured the earphones from a world-renowned brand, Joyroom. The design of this earphone is ergonomic and lightweight, which means that your Father can wear them for hours without any discomfort or pain. It has even got finger touch controls, allowing the user to take calls and control their music easily. Plus, it is compatible with any smartphone out there. So send it to your Dad on Father’s Day, and he will surely appreciate your gesture.

J. Perfumes

Any man out there wouldn’t hate to receive a brand new perfume for a special occasion. The same is probably the case with your Father, so sending them a heavenly-smelling perfume can never go wrong lighting online shopping. And what better brand to choose from than the beloved J., who never disappoint with the quality of their perfumes. We have an amazing collection of their extraordinary perfumes, all of which are loved by many consumers. Plus, the packaging of those perfumes truly makes them fit for a King. You can check out two of their most popular and recent scents, Frontline and Sher Dil. The design of the bottle itself makes those perfumes outstanding. They come inside a beautiful box, which makes them excellent for gifting purposes. So get J. Perfumes delivered to your dad next Father’s Day, and his face will surely light up with a smile.

We at Sentiments Express pride ourselves in having an amazing collection of gifts for every Dad out there. This way, you can make a choice from a fantastic variety of products whenever you want to send a gift to him. So browse our products and choose ones that will truly make your father feel special on this special occasion.