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4 Top ATVS Buy Online in 2021 for your Kids


Every parent wants the best for their kids. From the best education to toys, parents always aim to provide the best lifestyle to their kids. Here if you are searching for the best ATV for your child, you must have millions of questions in your mind:

  • Are ATVs safe for kids?
  • How fast can a dirt bike go?
  • Are street bikes legal? Etc. 

Understanding parents’ worries, we have compiled the list of the best dirt bikes that they can order for their kids in 2021. Based on the safety, price, power, and other vital factors, we have tested numerous dirt bikes and shortlisted the following kid-friendly bikes: 

DF50SST 50cc Super Bike Ninja Scooter Moped Bicycle

For your kids, the DF50SST buy online option is available at the Belmont E-bikes website. It is a robust bike with multiple child-friendly features. The bike contains bright headlights that can help your child to ride during the dark without any hassle. The comfortable padded seats provide comfort to your child for safe riding. It is a dual start optional bike with a wheelbase 1302mm, maximum power 2.20kw/8000r/min, and 4 stroke engine. 

The DF50SST buy online option is great because online brands offer better warranty and maintenance options. Further, the DF50SST bike only has a 30 mph maximum speed, so you shouldn’t have to worry about your kid overspeeding and getting hurt. Along with the latest features and the DF50SST buy online options, this is a quite good scooter to get for your kid in 2021.

SRT Monster 50CC – Fully Automatic Street Legal DF50SRT

The DF50SRT bike is equipped with a 50 cc GY6 engine for a safe and durable ride for your kids. It is a suitable ride for covering long distances, which means your kid can use this bike to go to school or his friends’ house. As the engine size is 49.6 cc, it means you don’t need a license to drive this bike on the street in many states. Thus, you don’t have to worry about your kid getting a license to ride the DF50SRT bike. 

Additionally, it is equipped with CVT Automatic transmission to make a safe riding experience for first-time riders. Talking about the looks, it is a super stylish dirt bike that you can ever find on the road. Moreover, it has a GY6 4-Stroke Scooter Engine with two overhead valves, which are available in elite motorcycles. Therefore, you can easily find spare parts for this bike for maintenance and repair. Similar to DF50SST buy online option, you can order the DF50SRT bike online to grab better deals. 

Ninja 200CC Street Legal Motorcycle – Fully Automatic – DF200SST

If your kids are a bit older, like 16 or 19 years old, you can get a slightly powerful machine for them — DF200SST. It is a Kawasaki Ninja-style street bike with advanced features and a maximum speed of 75 mph. The comfortable padded seats and accelerator help first-time riders drive safely. Also, the high-quality twin telescopic suspension gives an edge to new riders while driving through bumpy roads. 

Plus, it is a non-kickstart scooter, your kid just has to press the brake + pushbuttons together, and the bike will automatically startup. The latest upgraded version of the bike also contains a high-capacity electric starter motor and a high-output battery. Overall, it is a perfect ride for new as well as experienced riders. 

2020 Maddog 50CC Generation V Scooter – Icebear – PMZ50-22

This is a next-generation ride for your kids that can offer them comfort, safety, and style. The powerful Carbon Fiber Exhaust and Upgraded Air Filter gives a dynamic look and performance boost to the scooter. For safety and style, the scooter is also packed with a Halo single LED Headlight and LED turn signals. 

Also, the stylish aluminum rims and tires add a rugged sports look to the bike. It is a fully street-legal bike with EPA + DOT + CARB approvals. That means your kid can easily drive their bike to school or anywhere else. Moreover, no license is required to ride this bike on the road. The GY6 engine makes sure that your kid can smoothly cruise the bike around. Also, you can easily find bike spare parts online or from your local repair shop. 

So, parents, if you wish to buy the best and safe ATVs for your kids, these three options are the top contenders here. You can DF50SST buy online on the Belmont E-bike website, along with many other great options. You and your kid can together browse through our product catalog and select highly affordable and safe electric bikes right now.