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4 Uncommon Things That Increase Chances of Psoriasis


There are lots of activities that we practice for ourselves without knowing the side effects. It’s still hard to believe that activities like piercing, tattooing, waxing, tanning, or shaving can become dangerous to the skin and you may need psoriasis cream to deal with the skin issues.

Rather than overly using cosmetic products or lanolin oil to tighten your skin or glorifying the skin tone, you need to look out for symptoms of psoriasis if you have itching & skin marks also buy cracked heel treatment.

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What are the signs of psoriasis?

It usually happens on the skin of body joints. You can identify the occurrence of psoriasis with redness, rashes, dryness, peeling, bumps, and flakiness. The most common reason for psoriasis is depression, itchiness, plaque, nail dents, and joint stiffness.

Rather than above all reasons, there are a few uncommon reasons for psoriasis which no one could ever imagine about.

  1.   Crave tattoo on the skin

It is not like people who have psoriasis can’t get a tattoo on their skin but there is a lot more into it than this. The condition of psoriasis affects the skin in a larger amount. The flare-ups that lead to psoriatic skin lesions don’t remain consistent. There are things like skin injuries that can trigger the issues. It was suggested in 1877 that any traumatic injury to the skin which also includes tattooing, can awaken the psoriasis flare-ups and can lead to skin patches of about 25% than usual. It’s not always ruining your tattoo experience but in many cases, it has affected the skin. So, make sure this before you tattoo anywhere on your skin.

  1.   Shaving

Many men and women prefer to shave their skin to remove unwanted hair, which is completely fine. But, psoriasis skin is irritated skin and it is more prone to cuts. Hence, you need to be a little careful while shaving your skin. Make sure to invest in a good quality razor, use thick gel, always shave in the growth of hair, and ensure pre and post moisturizing your skin for a good result. Make sure to purchase only and only good-quality moisturizer to apply on your skin.    


  1.   Piercing

Piercing on the skin can also trigger psoriatic flare-ups. Thus, it is suggested to never look out for piercing on the areas that are active for lesions. You can control the risk of any problems by timely monitoring the area and keeping it clean. Make sure to wear jewelry that is hypoallergenic or made up of stainless steel.  

  1.   Tanning  

Tanning can lead you to the risk if you love to enjoy the sunbath. Sun exposure can lead to lots of complications. But the most important thing is the potential to develop sunburns. Such sunburns can trigger psoriasis flare-ups and can become even tougher to your skin.


End up,

If all of the above activities lead you towards psoriasis symptoms, it is suggested to seek prescribed psoriasis cream rather than applying any over-the-counter creams or ointments.   psoriasis cream. lanolin oil