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4 Ways AI is Shaping the BPO Services in India

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The technology of artificial intelligence is bringing eye gazing results for the organization, especially with bolstered customer service and its followed customer satisfaction rate.

In general, Artificial Intelligence gulps the algorithms and technology of Natural Language Processing (NLP) in its niche, which significantly mimics the actions of the human brain and brings polished and precise results enough to cause benefits to any business organization.

Similar to any business domain, BPO in India are seen adopting the technology in their call centers in close collaboration with their agents, breaking the stereotype of AI in BPO eating up jobs of professionals.

The enumerative applications of the technology are all-ready to cater to the requirements of the brands.

What is the Sudden Need for AI in the BPO Industry?

We all know quite well that technology is pacing at an agile rate, completing the actions of each domain type in a much-reformed manner.

The call centers are meant to cater to the requirements of the customer over the medium of the phone call, email, text, social media, etc.

In order to rule the market competition, call centers do require the latest set of tools that can fulfill their core competencies, and to serve the purpose they outsource call center companies to the third-party vendor having a recognized experience in operating the call center services through the infusion of AI-based tools and mechanisms.

How AI is Revolutionizing the BPO Services in India?

Artificial intelligence as a service is no less than a wonder to the world, that brings the results with affirmative outputs in approximately half the time or a blink of an eye.

Well, the applications of the technology are worth praising.

Therefore, let’s have a quick view of how AI can transform and shape the future of BPO in India-

#Way 1: Prepping Up with Automatic Call Distributor and Predictive Dialer

Fusing the technology in any business operation adds stars to its virtues. Similarly, adding the technology of artificial intelligence to call center management of call centers bolsters in keeping the track of the customers based on the previously recorded conversations.

The mechanism of AI issued by outsourcing call center companies allows the agents to handle the calls in a warm way by distributing the calls between them based on the area of expertise and knowledge to handle such customers, without wasting any of the moment to transfer the customer from one call to another.

Here, the AI with its well-drawn algorithm analyzes the customer and prepares the consolidated real-time report for the agent to have a brief understanding of the customer’s suffering, in order to offer the required solutions for it.

#Way 2: Offering On-Spot Solutions with Automated Chatbot Services

Chatbot services is one of the latest modes of communication registered in call centers to offer responsive solutions within seconds or minutes.

The chatbot solutions are quick and easy to have. It is one of the easiest ways of self-servicing for availing the required solutions.

Chatbots are nothing but a conversational interface that requires absolutely zero human interference and interacts with the customers through the mechanism of programmed algorithms and NLP via text messages and even voice notes.

The AI-based assistance in the particular case bolsters in saving up the time by offering on-spot and the most accurate result in the minimum time frame and allows the agents to focus on other call center’s functions.

#Way 3: Setting Up a Self-Servicing Option with Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Interactive Voice Response commonly known as IVR is known to offer call center solutions to customers, discarding the need to get in touch with a real-time agent.

The outsource call center companies aim to invest in AI-based technology for identifying the customer’s queries, segmenting, and then presenting the option in the menu form.

The AI-driven mechanism puts its best practices to assist the customer with a step-by-step procedure and also lets you connect with agents at the end if the automated solutions fail to offer a required solution.

Choosing AI-based IVR services are one of the very best options for BPO in India that automates the actions of call center operations and let the customers and business owners enjoy the benefits of the advanced business.

#Way 4: Understand Customer Behaviour with AI-Based Sentiment Analysis

When running a call center business, the customer comes as a foremost responsibility for managing the business’s purpose.

Hence, the success of a business solely falls on the point that leads to an enhanced customer satisfaction score.

To serve the purpose, the AI is successfully analyzing the sentiments of the user with the infusion of the techniques like speech analysis.

Here, the AI-based algorithm focuses on specific keywords that depict the sense of mood. If the real-time conversation or post-call recording is registering the keywords like ‘Good’, ‘Highly Satisfied’, this will significantly portray the positive response. Whereas, if the accounted keywords are ‘Bad’, ‘Unsatisfied’, it briefs the idea of negative response.

Hence, based on analysis done by artificial intelligence, the agents can develop an understanding of the customer’s concerns beforehand and provide solutions for the same.

In Conclusion:

Artificial intelligence in BPO is the finest implementation done in the field to automate and regulate the call center services. With the continuous effort for making an easy way of offering solutions to customer’s queries, AI is transforming the way of having a business and shaping the future of BPO in India.