Applications for Making and Editing Videos Online

Five free online video editing services are introduced below, which will surely surprise you because they are extremely easy to use, and come with the necessary editing tools. Video editing always requires complex software like … Read More

Five free online video editing services are introduced below, which will surely surprise you because they are extremely easy to use, and come with the necessary editing tools.

Video editing always requires complex software like Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, etc. You will have to spend a lot of time to be able to use them fluently. Here are five online video editing tools, which will definitely save you time and effort.

The need to use video content is increasing. This is one of the means to convey content and increase interaction with users. The software introduced below will help you edit and cut videos on your computer extremely simple and easy.


FlexClip is an excellent online video editing and making platform, providing you with a whole library of free videos, photos, and soundtracks to insert into your project.5 Applications for Making and Editing Videos Online

This tool allows you to upload videos, images, background music, and then combine them into a complete project with a simple drag and drop into the Storyboard. You can trim the video to get desired parts, split it, add text animations, apply transition effects, and more to touch it up.

After you have finished editing, you can choose the quality (480p, 420p, or 1080p) to export the video accordingly. Certainly, FlexClip will be one of the best online video editings and making software on this list.

Simple, effective, and versatile, that’s what we say about FlexClip.


ClipChamp provides free and easy to use online video editing service, suitable for simple movie editing operations.

ClipChamp is a harmonious balance between powerful performance and usability during usage. If you feel that advanced software has too many essential features (more than your needs), ClipChamp is a perfect choice.

You can use your webcam to record video, then use ClipChamp itself to edit, cut, or add effects to create a completely new video clip. With ClipChamp, the process of editing clips and making videos has never been faster. After processing the clip, you just need to share the final work online or save it online for future use.

The free version of this editing software will still give you the best experience, only a few small limitations compared to the paid version. If you are interested in the paid edition of ClipChamp, you can pay $9 to $39 per month to enjoy the premium benefits of the software.


WeVideo is an online video editing software with features similar to Windows Movie Maker.

If you’re familiar with video editing software like Windows Movie Maker, WeVideo will give you the same familiar feel.

WeVideo allows you to upload content, then store them on the cloud. More specifically, you can absolutely record directly via the webcam and other input devices (such as a microphone) – a feature that no other software has.

Are you worried that uploading large videos may disrupt your video editing work? You can take care of it because WeVideo allows this upload to be run in the background, even if you are using WeVideo for other activities.

Transitions and effects for clips have never been so easy with WeVideo, as the software gives you access to a variety of special effects. Also, you don’t need to worry about storage issues, as WeVideo lets you store up to 1GB of cloud data. You can always try free Netflix accounts for quality streaming videos.

WeVideo has powerful performance, ease of use, and confidence to give you products that can’t be better. Like other software, the free version of WeVideo has a few limitations: Each account can only export videos with a length of 5 minutes/video, with a maximum resolution of 480p. Also, your video will be closed WeVideo logo when exported.

Online Video Cutter

Online Video Cutter is a simple video-making software developed as an extension of the Chrome browser.

Not only is it featured with a video cutter feature, but it also allows you to upload data up to 500MB online, from data stored on Google Drive, or other online storage platforms.

In terms of features, you can completely eliminate unnecessary moments in the clip, or zoom if the shot is too wide. Is the vertical frame accidentally captured by those moments over the phone? Don’t worry; this software is all you need!

After editing the video, you can choose different output file formats, or reduce the resolution of the output file, to get the appropriate video size.

Although Online Video Cutter does not have many outstanding features, with basic features and simplicity in use, this software is extremely useful for everyone.


What is more interesting than sharing your funny videos with your friends on Instagram or Twitter?

Kizoa is an application that can help you design funny slideshows and share them on different social networking platforms. That is Kizoa’s biggest difference compared to specialized editing software.

With Kizoa, you can cut, rotate and merge small clips into a complete video.

In order to maximize the features related to social networking platforms, Kioza allows you to tag keywords on finished products, save them on your computer, and share them with your friends via email or social networks via links.

With a free account, you absolutely can use Kizoa quickly. Free accounts get 1GB of storage for video storage. However, these videos will be closed by the Kizoa logo.

Hopefully, this article has gathered the easiest and most comfortable free online video editing services for you. If you do not find your favorite software, let us know in the comment.

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