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5 Best Tips to Resolve Hanging Issue in Android Phone

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You play a power-heavy game or download a heavy file, and your phone suddenly freezes. For Android phones, this is not a rare scenario. Though the Indian mobile industry is filled with numerous latest Android phones equipped with best-in-class hardware and software, hanging of a smartphone is commonly experienced. It is not a matter of grave concern, but if not taken care of, it can significantly impact the functioning and life of your device. 

Before we try solving this issue, let’s first understand why does a smartphone freeze? 

The fundamental reason behind the smartphone’s hanging is the insufficient internal memory or RAM. The inability of the phone RAM to manage the additional load leads to it being stuck. You’ll be surprised to know that with enough internal memory, you can cut down the hanging issues by 89%. And the very first thing you can do to avoid this is to go through the smartphone specs thoroughly before making the purchase. 

If you buy an Android phone under 10000 or 50000, even the best Android phone in 2021 can suffer lag issues if not taken care of regularly. And to prevent it from happening, you can follow some easy peasy steps and save your phone!

  • Uninstall rarely used applications

About 50% of users forget to delete an unused application. To improve the device performance and resolve lagging issues, you should uninstall rarely used or unused apps almost immediately. All you have to do is long-press the app icon and drag it to the uninstall menu.

  • Judiciously choose the games you play on your device.

Gamers find it hard to avoid any interesting gaming application they come across, and recklessly installing multiple of these on your device can lead to a lot of hanging because gaming applications are pretty heavy and take up a lot of phone space. 

  • Delete caches and unwanted data

Multiple cache files are created in your device memory when you surf the internet or visit a website. Most devices have in-built cache clearing applications that you should use from time to time and remove the unwanted load. And you don’t have to worry if your device does not own any such applications as you can download any “delete cache app” from the play store. In addition, you should also keep a watch on the media files that you download and keep removing them if not in use.

  • Utilise cloud storage and external memory facilities

Mostly, all your media files, be it songs, videos, or images, are saved in your phone’s internal storage, using up a lot of space. But, by employing cloud storage services like Google cloud storage (completely free of cost) which are very readily available now more than ever, you can lift off the additional load from the device. Similarly, you can use an external storage device to save your files. 

  • Wipe data using factory reset options

If you have followed all the tips and still fail to resolve this issue, you can use the factory reset option available on your device. The only thing you need to be careful about is creating a backup of essential files before performing a factory reset. It will resolve the hanging problem of your phone and will improve the performance ideally.