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5 Common Car Noises And Causes


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Most people love driving their car, but when it comes to taking care of it, they wither leave it to the professionals to lack the knowledge to even recognize the hints of the problems with your car, which is mostly the strange noise. As per the Panel Beaters Melbourneevery minute noise in your car has a significance to find out if there is anything wrong with your car.

You would require to find out first about the particular noise that your car is making first to get the right Richmond car repair. To provide you with a better insight to what the cause of the noise, we have listed 5 noises and their causes below.

Brake Squeal

Another typical car noise is the squeaking noise of the brakes. I think most people have heard this sound. For those who are still wondering why their car is making such a noise, it is because of the worn brake pads. Like all other auto parts, brake pads have a certain lifespan and do not last long. If you notice such noise, the brakes pads should be replaced.

Chugging or rattling noises

A damaged exhaust system can produce a harmonic sound, and each sound can have a different meaning. Chugging noise can mean that the exhaust system is clogged loud and clear. A rattling noise can mean that it is not properly aligned. A swoosh may mean that the exhaust system is cracked. If you have heard these sounds, then it is time for an exhaust check.

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If you hear a rattling noise when you release the brakes, the actual culprit is not the brakes. It is quite common for the brake pads to inflate due to heat generated by friction, and slight rattling can be normal in such a situation.

However, there are some points to be aware of regarding the rattling noise of the brakes. The first is that you dont hear a rattling sound when you step on the brake pedal, and the second is that you dont hear a constant sound. If any of these occur, there may be a problem with your brake pads.

Humming noise

The new tire set should not only ensure a smooth ride but should also be relatively quiet. Tires that are old or worn can make more noise, especially if they are worn unevenly. Alternatively, tires with insufficient air pressure can produce similar noise.

If you hear this, check your tires as soon as possible. Maybe you need a little air, or you have a leak. Of course, tires wear over time, but problems with balance and alignment can cause the tread to deteriorate asymmetrically. In either case, regular tire maintenance is essential, and you will need to go to a tire store in the near future.


Do you hear a rumbling sound while idling? Do the noise increase as you accelerate? There may be an exhaust leak in the gasket or one of the exhaust components, such as the flex. You may need Richmond car repair to replace the leaking component.

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