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5 Common iMac Problems and How to Fix Them


No denial, iMac laptops are some of the most used devices these days. That’s why; it is necessary to keep them in good condition for a better and long-lasting performance. Undoubtedly, Apple Inc uses top-quality and genuine parts, but such devices can go bad once in a while.

Sometimes, your laptop needs a simple fix that can be done at home. Generally, iMac users try to identify the core causes of issues before they take any professional assistance. But sometimes, the ambiguous hardware issues or minor software issues can render iMac a worthless device for users.

In such situations, taking your laptop to iMac Repair Greenhill is the most optimal solution because only expert technicians can fix these complicated issues like a pro.

Nevertheless, the present discussion spotlights some common problems with the iMac laptop and the core reasons behind such issues. Don’t worry; we will guide you about how to fix these issues.

Common iMac Issues and Their Fixes

Here are some common iMac issues and the ultimate way to avoid them.

  • Battery Drains Quickly

One of the most incredible things about iMac is that it has extended battery timings. You can enjoy long-lasting battery timing without any issue. But, sometimes, its battery starts draining quickly. Generally, it happens due to several reasons, including using unnecessary apps at the same time.

So, if you think your iMac doesn’t charge properly or its battery drains quickly, then you should take the problem seriously and try to fix it in the first place. For this, you can detach your battery from the laptop and then plug the charger into the laptop. If your laptop still performs well, then it’s a clear indication that there is something wrong with the battery.

Generally, you get a recommendation about changing your laptop’s battery. But we suggest you take your laptop to the professional iMac repair center. The experienced and skilled technicians will examine your laptop’s battery and will recommend the most suitable solution for it. However, it is always preferable to choose the well-reputed repair centers as they use top-quality genuine parts during the repair process.

  • Keyboard Doesn’t Work Properly

If you are using your laptop for quite a long, then it surely affects its keyboard. Generally, your laptop stops functioning correctly, or in some cases, only a few keys stop working. You can try to resolve this issue at home by turning your laptop’s keyboard upside down. It helps in dislodging dirt, grime, and dust from the keyboard. Indeed, it sounds eccentric, but it’s an effective trick to make your keyboard dirt-free.

Nevertheless, if your keyboard doesn’t perform well after removing dust from it, you need to check keyboard drivers. You can check keyboard drivers by going into the device manager. Usually, it is suggested to re-download all the major keyboard drivers and access the keyboard’s performance afterward.

You are fortunate enough if your keyboard starts functioning after installing the drivers. But if this trick doesn’t work, then take your expensive iMac to a renowned repair center.

  • Black or Empty Screen

It is another common and frequently occurred issue in all laptops, including iMac. There could be numerous reasons for it, including hardware and software problems. Usually, the users try to fix this issue at home by restarting their laptops. Sometimes, the trick works, and their laptop starts working. But sometimes, the trick doesn’t work.

We suggest you update all major drivers more often to keep the issue at bay. Again, you can update such drivers by going into the Device Manager. But, if you think updating the driver doesn’t fix the issue, then take your laptop to the nearest repair center and let the professionals deal with the problem.

  • Overheating

In general, the majority of laptops crash due to overheating processors and graphic chips. So, properly monitor the temperature of your laptop and install SpeedFan for this purpose. If your laptop overheats after installing the SpeedFan, then you should bring it to the repair center. Remembering; if you fix this issue at home without proper knowledge, it can create more trouble for you.

  • No Internet

Laptops are notorious for losing their connectivity with the internet, which can be a significant issue. Not every time it happens due to an equipment issue as sometimes a minor inconvenience in laptop’s software can create more problems. You can unplug and re-plug the router for this purpose to see if the trick works or not.


No denial; all these above-mentioned issues are pretty common in iMac. But, you can avoid them by taking care of your precious iMac properly.

Therefore, it is always suggested to choose the reliable and trustworthy iMac repair centers in Greenhill as the professionals know how to bring precision to their work.