A recent study proves that 8% of startups outsource their digital marketing practice while 65% of them are not trained in digital marketing practice. Digital marketing is a must for every marketer to gain an edge in this competitive arena. It is very important for entrepreneurs to understand its potential clients and deploy effective digital marketing strategy.

While formulating different digital marketing campaign, you will have to face a lot of challenges.

To make you aware and prepare for upcoming challenges, SEO Calling has come up with this post that outline five biggest mistakes digital marketers commit.

Pilots and Year long marketing phase

Investors are interested in looking at the progress and strategic approach for growing the business. Usually, startups plan their marketing plan for 9-12 months. The plan contains three pilot phases and two or three expansion phases. However online advertising changes in every 8-12 weeks hence you plan without considering the new format. Also planning ahead makes the whole game on assumption.

According to the most prevalent digital marketing strategy for 2021, it is important to formulate a strategy that is flexible, reactive and adjustable for effective growth of business. Decide on the platform and the amount you want to spend without expecting any return. Start advertising the product which is in high demand then you add complementary platform for cross channel marketing.

Budget vs Cost

There are many investors who wants to go through the exact budget for the last 3 months. These budgets are not at all accurate. In the initial phase of business, online marketing budgets are actually investments. They used for generating sales or branding. Investing in initial phase comes up with risk. Depending on the business, consider the expected time value for the customers. This strategy is applicable when you have more than one purchase per customer within a year.

Using more than one platform

There is lot of controversy for startups in terms of using different platforms in just the beginning of the marketing campaign. Some recommend to start with small and then scale up while other have different views. We recommend to start from small and them scale up. When you start all at once, it becomes fairly difficult to monitor all the platform and analyse which is working nicely. Business can be sort into two categories:

Push marketing

Advertising platform fits in both kind but the main traffic can be generated by either of the platform. Most of the push strategy are concentrated on keyword driven platforms like AdWords, Bing etc. while push marketing takes into account interest, demographics. Platforms like Facebook and Google display platforms are ideal. Push marketing is ideal for tech-based companies. Choose between the platforms that answer your digital marketing strategy.

Not starting cross channel remarketing

Remarketing means targeting those population that are yet not converted. The best part about cross channel marketing is, it generates high conversion at low cost per conversion. You can choose Facebook cross channel marketing campaign that can be a cost-effective way to target conversion.

Moving through split testing funnel

Split testing conversion funnel is an important phase to consider. Instead of running the split test after the campaign has begun, start the split test with a scalable structure so that when you find what works, you can increase your budget. Split test will help you find the stage in your digital marketing that attracts your audience