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5 Cool and Convenient Things Apple iPhones and Watches Can Do Together


As modern technology continues to advance at a dizzying pace, it can be difficult to know which options you should invest in for yourself. You need to take into account how you will be using certain pieces of technology (solely for work or leisure purposes, for example), how often you use them, and if you require brand new or older versions.

Another key point to consider nowadays is how your multiple devices function together. One prime example of this is Apple iPhones and Watches. These two devices can provide users with drastically increased capabilities, functions, and overall user experience.

So, if you have ever wondered if you should get an Apple Watch because you’ve heard they are convenient and that they can connect to iPhones extremely well, then you have come to the right place. We’re going to gloss over just five really convenient things these two impressive pieces of technology can do together when properly synced so you can have a better idea of what to expect from this dynamic duo.

1. Send Text Messages
One common issue with texting from your iPhone is that it often requires the full use of both your hands– and sometimes you just can’t afford that. If you are exercising, you aren’t in a place where you can take out your phone inconspicuously, or you’re simply in a rush, you can use your Apple Watch to quickly and efficiently send text messages.

2. Make and Complete Phone Calls
When you receive an important call, the last thing you want to do is to miss it simply because you can’t find your iPhone in the bottom of your purse or backpack! Dodge that issue entirely by never missing a call again with your smartwatch. You can answer, make, and complete calls all with a flick of the wrist.

3. Use Apple Pay to Make Purchases
Are you out and about but you forgot your wallet at home? Fear not because you can still get that delicious latte or even go shopping with your watch. You can seamlessly buy goods and services with Apple Pay right on your watch! Maybe next time you leave your wallet at home, it’ll be on purpose.

4. “Track” Your Runs and Tons of Other Health Metrics
Possibly one of the most remarkable features of the Apple Watch is its ability to track various health metrics. It tracks your exercise (yes, every step and every move you make during the day matters) along with other measurables, like your heart rate, calories burned, and so much more. You can even indulge in your favorite water activities like swimming with it comfortably on your wrist.

5. Take Photos from a Distance
While the Apple Watch may not have a camera built into it, you can still use it along with your iPhone’s impressive camera to take stellar photos. This is such a convenient way to take those photos where your “selfie arm” just won’t cut it. Place your phone farther away and snap your photo from the watch on your wrist!

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