5 Definitive Ways to Compose Incredibly Professional Resumes

Right after you would graduate as a successful academic degree holder, the next important goal in your funnel should essentially be bagging a lucrative and secured job. Now, this could be a challenging endeavor, if … Read More

Right after you would graduate as a successful academic degree holder, the next important goal in your funnel should essentially be bagging a lucrative and secured job. Now, this could be a challenging endeavor, if especially you are oblivious of the right gateways to living your dreams.

Talking of gateways, composing the perfect professional resume is unarguably the stepping stone. Unless you are successful in showcasing your skills and talking about your academic and professional achievements in a documented format, no hiring manager is going to entertain the words you would merely put across the table.
Having said that, the task of resume writing comes with a couple of challenges. From abiding by the right format to jotting down key achievements in the right order; there are multiple criticalities to acknowledge. This is a reason there is a strong demand for online resume builder these days.

But merely seeking digitized assistance isn’t enough if you fail to hone the basic skills. So, in case, you are stuck in gridlock, wondering how to go about a resume flawlessly, take some time to read this blog and gain insights into the nitty-gritty of landing the perfect CV real soon.

Here you go!

1.Pick the right resume format
Firstly, you need to choose and abide by the right resume format before coming up with the final draft. There are mainly four types of resume formats, namely, chronological, functional, combination and targeted.
So, take a look at the following pointers and get introduced to the four resume formats and their functionalities.

A chronological resume format is the one that lists your work history in chronological order in terms of when you held each job position and the accolades you have won with each passing year.
The functional resume format is also called skills-based resume. This particular resume type focuses on the candidate’s skills, professional expertise, rather than merely focusing on the chronology or the tenure of job experience.

On the other hand, a combination resume format deals with the features of a chronological as well as a functional resume. This particular resume format focuses on skills summary, which is also called a professional profile or qualifications summary.

Lastly, the targeted resume format is much precise, professional, and compact in nature. As the name suggests, a targeted resume specifies the job role, the industry, and key expertise in a precise manner. Here, you just need to mention things your hiring managers are really interested in knowing.

No matter whether you are about to write a nursing resume or an engineering resume, you cannot ignore or go beyond the conventions observed in each of these resume formats. So, once you would get the hang of the aforementioned resume types, create an outline in your mind and focus on the CV that would fit best for your professional niche.

2.Do not try to compel things forcibly
This is not a sales speech or a business seminar. This is your resume and it is meant to be kept subtle, informative, and generic. The moment you would start sounding too pushy, hiring managers might mistake you for someone too desperate, with no genuine expertise to offer.

As a result, this might not go down well. So much so, the recruiting managers might just ignore your resume and
dump it in the block list for bothering them day in and day out.

Pay heed to the following suggestions and prepare a resume without sounding desperate.

Do not just brag about things unnecessarily.

For example, there’s no point talking about your achievements as a baseball player in college while composing a resume for the job of an accountant.

Things should be kept relevant to the context. Also, you should come up with precise declarations of your past achievements.

Your focal point should be the “job” you are looking for. Talk about your industry, elaborate on the job roles and come up with points that would determine your potential as a suitable employee.

Keep each of these suggestions in mind, study the industry well, take note of the latest trends in resume writing and venture out with absolute confidence.

3.Come up with a unique resume headline

This is quite a concern when it comes to writing the best resume. Unless you come up with a standout resume headline, no one would notice your presence in a vast professional industry.
Implement the following tips and know-how to compose uniquely impressive resume headlines across all formats and industry niches.

Keep your headline concise and capitalize each word you would include in the section.

Make a list of the adjectives or phrases that will make you a strong candidate.

Now shortlist the most suitable one and use the same in the headline.

Again, do not go overboard with the headlines or come up with something that is too good to be true.

Use relevant keywords to fit the headline best. For instance, if you wish to secure the position of a content writer, then use keywords and phrases such as “Keyword Optimization”, “Extensive Knowledge Across Content Marketing” and the likes.

The idea is to use words, expressions and phrases that would make you a strong candidate or a worthy, potential employee.

4.Be careful with the basic declarations

The basic declaration in a resume includes areas such as:

Academic qualification
Physical address
Key certifications
Contact details
Previous job tenure

So, you should consider going about each of these points carefully and maintain absolute transparency while including the needful details.

Remember, there’s no point coming up with false information or molding data for the sake of easy recognition. Sooner or later, things will come out of the closet, and you will end up in an embarrassing position.

5.Invest time in building a professional resume summary statement
A summary statement will simply add up to the relevance and excellence of a resume. If you have a strong and compelling summary statement, then you stand a better chance of having your voice heard amongst the who’s who of the industry.

Refer to the following suggestions the next time you would draft a professional resume summary statement.

Describe the strongest character traits in a few words.

It can be anything; leadership skills, organizational efficiency, technical knowledge and more.

Elaborate on how you aim to help the employer in achieving organizational goals.

Add a couple of more information on your professional achievements and accolades won in the past.
Parting Thoughts,

I hope you are now well aware of the essentialities of writing a perfectly flawless and industry-ready resume. So, embrace the best practice, read more of such insightful blogs and make a striking impression on your recruiters like a champ.
Good luck!

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