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5 Factors that Can Increase Clear Vinyl Stickers’ Longevity Easily


Clear Vinyl stickers are a great and attractive source of promoting a brand, company, or business. These stickers are printed on a transparent base that gives a pop of colors to the design or graphic. However, these clear vinyl stickers may seem non-durable due to various factors including base, adhesively, printing material, etc. These issues are addressed in several ways that are discussed in this piece of information.

As the business, holders need durable and long-lasting yet attractive business solutions, clear vinyl stickers are a potential way to promote their business by bringing it into the eyes of as many people as possible. As these clear vinyl stickers are quite attractive, they serve the purpose of customer attraction very well. With more customers attracted towards the design (or more particularly the brand), the more chances of getting potential clients or customers the business gets.

Several factors are considered while looking for durable, fade-resistant, waterproof, and long-term clear vinyl stickers. However, the word “durable” has different meanings in the context of longevity, color, strength, adherence, etc. While designing a clear vinyl sticker, its durability can be increased significantly by choosing the material and printing wisely. Some basic factors, which may seem ordinary, but have a long-lasting effect on the durability of vinyl stickers are compiled in this article. The longevity of Clear Vinyl stickers can be increased by the following 5 factors:

The Adhesive:

The durability of clear vinyl stickers means different to different people. If you need a durable graphic or label in terms of its sticking lifespan to the product, a permanent adhesive specifically formulated for the particular surface is the solution. A good adhesive gives longevity to the clear vinyl stickers to stick on to the surface thereby reducing the frequency of changing the label from time to time.

As changing the label frequently from the surface may cost you money, with a proper and surface-specific adhesive, you get to save your money that could otherwise be consumed for something that could be saved.


The Substrates:

The substrate on which the clear vinyl sticker is printed plays an important role in defining the durability and longevity of the overlay. An appropriate substrate can increase the ability of your label or graphic to withstand various elements, thereby having a long-lasting effect.

The vinyl substrates are proved to be beneficial for outdoor durability of clear vinyl stickers, while the indoor durability can be enhanced by using polycarbonates and polyesters. Choosing the best material on which your graphic can be printed is, therefore, the main concern towards the durability and longevity of clear vinyl stickers.

The Printing Process:

The printing process is yet another factor influencing the durability of clear vinyl stickers. The printing process you choose to manufacture clear vinyl stickers affects the durability of your graphic in a way that screen-printing involves the deposition thickness of the ink thereby making it a notably durable method of printing of custom printing and packaging.

While the screen-printing method is used, more ink is laid down on the substrate that becomes responsible for the durability of clear vinyl stickers. With the appropriate printing process, the vinyl stickers get the ability to withstand the factors including elements that contribute to the delicacy of the stickers.


The Coating or Over-Laminate:

Coatings are the liquids that are applied to the clear vinyl stickers’ surface while an over-laminate includes a clear transparent material applied on the top of the sticker. These coatings and over-laminate or any one of these, when applied to the clear vinyl stickers, play an essential role to increase their durability and strength.

The main purpose of these coatings and over-laminates is to protect the ink underneath. Serving this purpose i.e., making the ink last longer, the coatings and over-laminates increase the durability of clear vinyl stickers.



The outdoor durability of clear vinyl stickers largely depends upon the exposure to sunlight. The UV radiations from the sun are the major obstacle towards the durability of clear vinyl stickers regarding colors. Sunlight causes the colors of clear vinyl stickers to fade thereby reducing their outdoor retention time.

To avoid this fading of colors due to sunlight, the selection of appropriate and weather-resistant material is important. This will increase the durability of clear vinyl sticker against sunlight as well as reduce the renewal cost that may imply if sunlight causes damage to the color of the sticker.


Promoting the brand, company, or business is the main ambition of business holders. They do all possible promotions to achieve their goal of increasing the audience and potential customers. One of the essential steps towards the promotion of brands is to bring forth the logo in the eyes of as many people as possible. Clear Vinyl stickers are a great way to pop-up the brand logo on any product or surface including windows, vehicles, walls, crockery, and many more.

One problem that exists with these customized clear stickers is that they do not prove to be quite durable. To increase their durability, several factors are involved that are mentioned here above. These factors count in increasing the durability of clear vinyl stickers thereby reducing the cost of promotion that may otherwise exceed the limit due to frequent renewal of the stickers.