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5 Free Social Media Tools for Startups


Thanks to rapid digitalisation, marketers today have access to a plethora of tools and software that can help them perform better in the market. Be it digital marketing agencies or freelancers, everyone is always on the lookout for the latest technology to enhance their presence in the online forum and to better interact and engage with their consumer base. Luckily for everyone, these services can be availed online for free, or you can always reach out to agencies that provide them. To help you out, mentioned below are some free social media tools for startups.

Google Analytics

Google provides a free service called Google Analytics that helps you track and analyse website traffic. Things like monthly influx, online sessions, new users, campaign data, etc., can be looked into via Google Analytics. The kind of insights you receive from this can really help you understand what is being done correctly and what requires modification/rectification.


Mixpanel is a professional analytics system that tracks how consumers interact with your products and services online and provides an in-depth analysis of the same. You can track your website visitors through every stage and keep a tab on the click-through rates and movement across pages.


This is a very efficient marketing tool that sends an in-depth and well consolidated bi-monthly report via mail. The traffic data from the website is sent in the form of text and engaging images, which makes the report very interesting to go through. Additionally, all of this is done free of cost, and due to the detailed segmentation in the feedback, you can easily pick out the portions you need to work on.


This is yet again another marketing tool that helps you analyse user interactiveness with your website. It offers a very streamlined view of how your website is performing, how your campaigns are doing, how many users are visiting your page, etc. All essential metrics are considered, and the result is provided so that it is easier to funnel out the approach and solutions.


Trello offers free of cost services and is an excellent project management tool that helps simplify collaboration processes and partnerships. The website has a host of features and services that really help make things more manageable and easy. Overall, smooth functionality is ensured, and the results are quite satisfying and beneficial as well.


For e-mail marketing to function effectively, a lot of work has to be done in the background. This includes interacting with customers, getting their mail IDs, and consolidating and dividing them into the required groups so that they receive the right kind of mails. MailChimp helps you with e-mail marketing so that you can reach out to the required customers and generate potential leads.

Give these tools a try to gain a basic understanding of how social media marketing services function. That will also help you to better gauge what your brand or company requires to be able to effectively compete in the market and stand out!