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5 Quick Facts about Personal Injury


Personal injury lawyers are often portrayed as cons who use trickery and defraud their clients to make an extra buck. However, this is not always the case and is often caused by misunderstandings in most instances.

You’re probably considering hiring legal representation, if you’ve been injured, and lawyers in Anchorage Alaska can help you. However, you should familiarize yourself with a couple of facts even before hiring a lawyer to avoid being exploited.

5 Quick Facts about Personal Injury Law

  1. Fault and no-fault insurance

Personal injury has two insurance rule in the U.S, including fault and no-fault rules, and adoption varies from one state to another. Responsibility for compensation lies with the insurance company of the person who caused an accident in states that use the fault model. In the no-fault model, your insurance company covers your expenses whether you’re responsible for the accident or not. It’s also mandatory to have personal injury and liability insurances in some states in case the liable party isn’t covered.

  1. Personal injuries are classified into different types

Many people know that they need a legal representation for a slip and fall, car accident, medical malpractice. However, there are other accidents that can be compensated under personal injury, and product liability is a major one. These lawsuits are common when a product causes injuries or harmful results. Such lawsuits can also result from a product’s design flaws or negligence in manufacturing, and wrongful advertisement.

  1. Personal injury lawyers can seek justice for denied claims

When you’re injured at work, you will naturally expect the insurance company to sort your issue ASAP. Unfortunately, insurance companies can frustrate your pursuit of justice by denying or avoiding a legitimate case. They will cite all manner of excuses to avoid liability and even succeed in some, but the fact is that you were injured at work and you need to be compensated for bodily injuries. In such scenarios, a personal injury lawyer is your go-to solution, he/she will help you appeal and recover damages for your injuries.

  1. Statute of limitations should be considered

This is the amount of time given to a victim of a crime before they can formally file a lawsuit. For instance, if you sustain work related injuries today, the law allows you a certain duration of time before you can initiate a personal injury lawsuit after which it will be considered time barred–meaning you can no longer file a lawsuit and the liable party goes scot-free. Different states have different statutes of limitations but 3 years is the average in most states.

  1. Personal Injury lawyers are paid a  contingency fee

This means the fee is payable only if the outcome is successful–meaning you have nothing to lose since the claim will include lawyer’s fees. Additionally, consultation is usually free, which defeats the purpose of approaching personal injury claims without legal representation.

Common Claims for Personal Injury

You should contact a personal injury lawyer after an accident. The lawyer can advise you on the claims you can make after evaluating your case, but the common claims cited in personal injury cases include:

  1. Claims for physical injuries

These are the claims for physical injuries sustained during accidents, such as broken limbs, and internal injuries, even though the internal injuries cannot be seen. Bodily claims form a significant part of the personal injury claim.

  1. Claims for lost or damaged property

If you can prove that your property was damaged or lost in an accident, you should be compensated. Personal may include things like personal computers, laptops, portable office machines, and portable & valuable items you own.

  1. Lost wages

This occurs when an active individual can no longer work, thank to injuries sustained in an accident or the time spent away from work while recovering. The liable party or the insurance company should pay accident victims for time they’ll not be at work, or if for lost earning opportunity if they’re permanently laid off.

  1. Wrongful death of a loved one claims

If the bereaved have sufficient evidence linking the death of their loved one to negligence, they can be compensated if it’s actually proved that the death was avoidable.

Good Qualities of a Personal Injury Lawyer

The top qualities of a competent motorcycle personal injury lawyer include:

1. Great Communication Skills

The primary duty of a lawyer is to convince the court and the defense that their client is innocent even when they’re guilty. This will not happen if their communication skills are wanting and it may even land their clients into more problems.


Lawyers attend law school for legal knowledge followed by internship to gain experience, and there’s no way round about this. It’s your duty to ascertain a lawyer has the necessary qualifications to legally represent your case.

A personal injury lawyer can help accident victims are compensated for their bodily injuries and lost or damaged property. Besides providing legal representation, a personal injury lawyer will ensure your legal rights are safeguarded.