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5 Reasons To Gift Your Canine Companion A Dog Bed


When you feel tired and weary, crawling into the warmth and comfort of your beds is the best way to recharge yourself and spring back to life. Needless to say, everyone needs to have their own bed, and the same goes for your furry four-legged friends.

Along with good food and replenishing water, dog beds are also necessary to ensure a healthy pet. Especially in colder countries like Australia, dog beds in Australia become a part of dogs’ primary needs.

Studies show that the pet furniture market worldwide is forecasted to reach a whopping 3 billion US dollars! Sure, your dog will be eternally grateful to you just for an old pile of blankets, but wouldn’t you rather provide your best friend with something extra warm and cozy?

Listed below are five benefits you can give your dog by getting it a comfortable dog bed.

It Keeps Away Behavioural Problems

Having your dog sleep next to you might be one of the most calming feelings in the world. Initially, this might be super cute as well. And maybe your dog just wants to show you a tad bit of extra affection that day.

However, the more you start to encourage this behaviour, the more it becomes a habit. Eventually, it will take over your entire bed, and when you order it to get off, it might start to growl at you.

To avoid such issues in the future, it is best recommended to get them a dog bed.

It Supports Their Health

Dogs are incredibly lovable creatures, and they deserve nothing short of infinite treats and belly rubs. But what it does not deserve is to sleep on a pile of worn-out blankets.

This may seem like an easy solution. However, such uneven hard surfaces can cause erratic sleep and body pain. This is especially true for senior dogs prone to arthritis.

Therefore, getting your dog a cozy dog bed can help them sleep better at night.

It Keeps Them Warm and Toasty

Without a dog bed, your dog might be used to sleeping on the floor, which might work well for the summer seasons. However, if the same is done for winter, your dog might not be able to withstand the cold, which in turn can make it very ill.

Therefore, a warm bed can keep them feeling toasty even during the coldest climates. You can even consider using self-warming dog beds or electrically heated dog beds.

It Keeps Your Furniture Safe

Whether it is a couch or a rug, dog dander is extremely difficult to escape. You can vacuum your furniture thousands of times, and your dog will still leave a bit of dander everywhere. To avoid this, try introducing them to dog beds.

They Have Their Own Space

Did you know that your dog can also sleep for 10 hours a day? This is why they need their bed instead of the couch or sofa to have an undisturbed sleep.

Therefore, giving your dog their bed will make it possible for them to have short, peaceful retreats.

Parting Thoughts

As a pet owner, one of the best decisions you can make is buying dog beds in Australia. While new dog parents might consider this a waste of money, dedicated dog parents know better. Not only will a dog bed be a place of warmth, support and comfort, it will also give your dog a certain level of security and privacy.

They may not be able to say thank you verbally, but their wagging tails and wet kisses can show you how grateful they are for your love!