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5 Reasons to Shop at Your Local Bike Shop


Suppose you want to purchase a new bike. In that case, you’ve probably spent hours searching for a perfect vehicle online. Of course, ordering a new product and having it delivered to your doorstep is undoubtedly more convenient than shopping in an offline store. Moreover, online retailers offer lower prices, which is one of the main reasons people decide to order bikes online. Still, you might want to close all tabs on your computer and purchase a new bike in person if you have a local shop in your community.

If you aren’t trying to save as much money as possible on your next bike purchase, here are some reasons to check out what your local bike shop has to offer.

Try before you buy

One of the main benefits of scouting for bikes in your local shop is the opportunity to try them before making a purchase. Although you can find information about bikes online or go through the reviews and see what other experienced cyclists have to say, it’s not the same as riding the bike around the corner, testing the brakes and evaluating your comfort. As most shops offer in-house demo programs, you will be able to try every bike you lay your eyes on.

As a cyclist, it’s essential to get a bike that’s right for you. Riding a bike that’s too small or big for you can lead to accidents when you’re on the road. By going to the local shop, you will manage to find the ideal bike for you. What’s more, some people have to wait for weeks for their bikes to arrive. However, if you give your local shop a try, you can make a purchase on the spot and ride back home with your new bike.

Get advice from professionals

Those who work in bike shops know everything about the products they’re trying to sell. As stated earlier, you can find information about bikes online, but keep in mind that the employees in bike shops are ready to chat about their products all day. On top of that, they can help you make the best decision, as they interact with people like you every day. 

So, if you’re looking for a new part or want to upgrade your bike and invest in cycling equipment, people who work in bike shops can recommend the best products and find you the best helmet, new tires, or saddle upgrades.


As a cyclist, you already know that parts often break, especially when you’re exploring new trails. Of course, sometimes it’s your fault, and sometimes parts show signs of wear and tear until they eventually break. When you buy a new bike online, it’s your responsibility to find new parts and invest in repairs. That process can take days or even weeks, as you’d have to order a new part and wait for it to arrive before hiring someone to replace the broken pieces.

However, if you purchase from your local bike store, you can easily make a warranty claim and let the staff take care of this process. Most bike shops have the extra parts in the store, meaning you won’t have to wait for weeks to get back on trails. In addition, you’ll be able to take your bike to the local store and ask someone to inspect it or do minor repairs.

It’s safe to say that online businesses want to sell as many products as possible, while local businesses want to provide the best service and keep their customers happy. In other words, the staff in your local bicycle store will be there when you need them and help you find the perfect solution for your problems.

Help support the local economy

Photo by Vladislav Bychkov on Unsplash

When you buy products online, money goes outside of your local community. On the other hand, if you decide to purchase a bike in your local shop, you will help local businesses owners and their employees. As some of that money goes to employees, it’s safe to say they will put it back into the local economy. What’s more, a strong culture of supporting local businesses is the foundation of a sustainable economy.

Of course, if you find an online bicycle shop that offers great deals, keep in mind that you aren’t obligated to shop in your local store. Some people are looking for budget-friendly alternatives, and no one will judge if you place an online order. In addition, there are many other ways to support your community and help local businesses reach their goals, and attract more customers. 

Still, if possible, give your local bike shop a try, as you can expect better customer service and unconditional support from all staff members. After all, if you live in a small town, there’s a chance that someone you know owns or works in your local bike shop.

Get involved in your local cycling community

Those who own or work in bike shops are usually passionate about cycling. So not only will you be able to talk to them about new models, parts, and news in the cycling community, but you’ll also learn something new about the local cyclist scene. In addition, some of these people organize events or are a part of your local cycling group.

Some owners also organize group rides every weekend or once a month, and if you want to go on new adventures, visiting a local bike shop will pay off and help you find new cycling buddies. If you want to get involved in your local cycling community, visit your local bike show as soon as possible. You’ll be surrounded by people who have the same interests as you, and you might even make new friends and join your lock cycling community.


Buying a new bike can be a long and daunting process. You have to know what type of bike you need, where to find extra parts and what to do if you need to invest in repairs. Although both online and offline stores offer benefits and unique advantages, it’s up to you to decide which option suits you best. If you don’t mind waiting for weeks and want to save money on your next purchase, searching for a bike in an online store is the best option. However, if you want to meet other people who are passionate about cycling and get support when needed, you should give your local bicycle shop a try.

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