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5 reasons why you should not miss Desert Safari while touring Dubai


Dubai hosts millions of tourists every year. According to a report by Global Media Insight, in the year 2020, Dubai hosted more than 5 million tourists despite the global Pandemic. Due to a diverse landscape and luxurious lifestyle, it is the preferred choice of many around the globe to spend their vacations in Dubai to enjoy its scenic beauty and amazing tourist spots. One of the famous tourist spots that have earned Dubai the most visits is Desert Safari Dubai. Desert Safari is not only popular in Dubai but it is also famous in other sports such as Desert safari Sharjah has its fan base. If you are planning to visit Dubai for the first time, don’t make the mistake of ignoring this vital part of Dubai tourism in your trip. There are many attractions and fun activities in Desert safari tours that will give you such an experience that will be hard to forget in years to come. From adventurous rides to culture shows and mesmerizing views, Desert Safari has so much potential to attract more and more tourists every year. Here are five reasons why you must visit Desert Safari while on your Dubai Tour.

Adventurous Rides

In the Desert, there are many adventurous sports that you can enjoy. The place is a treat for the lovers of extreme sports as it has many notable rides such as dune buggy, quad bikes. Hummers, etc ride along the sand bumpy tracks of the desert. The speedy bikes will give you an adrenaline rush to dare move across the lows and highs of the sand and witness the sand disappearing quickly under your vehicle. It is one of the most exciting sports highly popular in Dubai and the rest of the UAE. Even if you are not a rider, you can enjoy the thrill of dune bashing while sitting in a safe land cruiser driven by an expert.

Camel Rides

The desert safari also has traditional camel rides. Camels, in ancient Emirati life, were used as the basic tool of transportation across the desert and other cities. Though the ride is no longer in use for transportation, you can still enjoy how folks in ancient times used to travel on camels. It gives a great insight into understanding the culture and life in ancient Emirates.

Overnight Safari

Desert Safari is not popular just because of the rides in the desert. The major fun lies in spending a night in the basecamp in the desert. The nights in the camp are full of fun and energy. In the basecamp, you will be offered a scrumptious dinner comprising Arabian as well as a continental meal along with traditional sweets and drinks. The variety of food and authenticity of the cuisine is so impressive that people flock to the basecamp to enjoy the food. What makes the night in the desert more magical is the performances by traditional dance artists. The expert Tanoura and Belly dancers will keep you hooked to the performance throughout. There is also henna stalls, fire show, and stalls of traditional Arabian costumes to try on and take memorable pictures. After a magical night in the camp, you will get to rest in a Beduin camp where you feel the tranquility and calamity of the night in the desert.

Mesmerizing Views

What makes the trip to the desert more charming, it the splendid views it has to offer. The desert has no dearth of stunning views no matter whatever time you choose to visit. But as per viewers Morning desert safari dubai has to offer extraordinary views to offers to nature lovers. The gold dunes of sand shine brightly when the sun rises in the east in the desert. It’s such a captivating view that people from far-flung areas come to see the sunrise in the desert. The same is the case when the sun sets in the desert shed an orange light all over the desert. You must visit the desert on your trip to Dubai to catch the stunning landscape and mesmerizing views it has to offer.