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5 Reasons You Should Choose Home Study

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Home study is becoming increasingly popular. This can be due to a number of reasons. Firstly, technology has made it possible to learn many different things on the internet. No longer do we have to attend an in-person classroom session to listen to a teacher tell us everything they know. This sort of knowledge is now widely available for everyone to access. Secondly, coronavirus made it so everyone had to stay home. This meant that all teaching commenced online using teaching platforms such as Zoom.

Due to this rise in popularity, we have been inspired to write this post – 5 reasons why you should choose home study.


1. There Are So Many Options

Unlike in classroom traditional teaching, home study can give us so many more options. You do not have to be limited by what the particular school or university offers, because there are loads of online learning institutions that offer a huge number of courses. For example, perhaps you would like to undertake an HND from home, or even a degree level qualification. This is all possible online. When I was younger, I wanted to study law at my school, but they didn’t offer it. This meant that I had to travel half an hour and change schools to study it. With home study, all you would have to do is research where you can study it online, there’s no moving schools or increased travel costs.


2. More Affordable

The second reason that you should choose home study is because it is a lot cheaper than traditional teaching. This can be for a number of reasons. For one, you do not have to pay for travel costs. Furthermore, you would not have to pay for additional student accommodation. Many have to move out of their family homes to attend university, which adds unnecessary costs if your family doesn’t mind you sticking around. In addition, online courses are often a lot cheaper than classroom teaching, this is because there are no institution costs. The best part is that you do not compromise on quality by choosing a distance learning centre, as all of the teachings can be done on video calls.


3. Better Learning Environment

Home study can also be much more desirable in terms of its environment. Many students state that trying to learn within a classroom of others causes too many distractions. This may be noise, others chatting with you, or feeling anxious or stressed being around others. The independent learning environment of home study means that you are often much more productive. This learning environment doesn’t even have to be at your home, you could learn in a coffee shop or a library. This is also a benefit because you have the flexibility to study in any environment you want.


4. Flexibility Around Your Schedule

Aside from the few lectures that you may have to attend live, your schedule is pretty flexible when it comes to home learning. This means that you can study at your most focused times. Everyone has that time of day when they feel the most focused. This means that you can make the most of your time studying, and not waste time struggling to study at those times of day where your brain won’t kick into gear.


5. Complete Courses Faster

The final benefit I want to discuss in this article is the ability to complete a course faster with home study. As you are able to choose what times to study and have less time out of your day for studying, you may find that you learn much more efficiently. This means that you are able to work at your pace. Many people find that they prefer to complete part of a course faster than most people as they are feeling particularly focused. At the same time, you can choose to take your time (as long as you meet deadlines).