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5 Reasons Your Site Is Not Indexed On Google Yet

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The last thing that business owners want after investing the money in website and SEO Services is it does not appear on the Google search results. It is a nightmare, right? Well, the reason could be many.

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Here are 5 Potential Reasons Why Your Site Is Not Indexed On Google


Poor Backlinking

Even if your page is free of errors, you must still convince Google that it deserves to be ranked. The amount of backlinks is one of the criteria that can influence how well your page ranks. Orphan pages are those that don’t have even a single internal link.

Make certain yours isn’t one of them. Double-check that the link isn’t broken or unavailable. It’s also not necessary to have a large number of backlinks. Check to see if they’re all high-quality links that work properly and aren’t duplicated.

Highly Competitive Keyword

It’s time to take a look at your keyword targeting again. Trying to rank for extremely competitive terms, especially when competing against larger companies, can leave your company in the dust. Consider instead focusing on long-tail, more precise phrases with three or more keywords.

Long-tail keywords have smaller monthly search volumes, but they are also less competitive, which means you have a better chance of placing at the top of search results.

Duplicated content

When the same or identical web pages appear at different URLs, this is known as duplicate content. Such pages will not be indexed by Google since they take up too much space. As a result, the page that has been designated as canonical will be indexed.

The use of a canonical tag stops search engines from discovering duplicate information on specific web pages. Duplicate material should be avoided at all costs, as it can affect your website on multiple levels. When the canonical tag is set during a search, search engines know which version of a URL to display.

Relatively New Site

If you just finished your website and it went live a day ago, Google is unlikely to have found it yet. How long should Google take to index a new website? The indexing process can take some time. It’s possible that this will take a number of weeks. Some people claim to be indexed quickly, although anecdotal information suggests that indexing can take months. If your site is only a few days old, give it a week or so before rerunning the test. If you’re still not indexed, try requesting that Google index your site for you.

Website Has Penalty

Penalties may potentially prevent your website from appearing in Google’s search results. If your site isn’t new and has a suitable robots.txt file, this may answer your burning question of “why doesn’t my website show up on Google.” If your site does not match Google’s quality requirements, it may be removed from search results temporarily or permanently.

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