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5 Steps to Kitchen Sink Installation


You’ve probably gone through the step of installing furniture in your home, right? If it hasn’t passed yet, one hour or another, that moment will come. But then the question arises, do you know how to install the kitchen sink?

Some paths are important for you to keep in mind the step by step when installing furniture in your home and more, so that there are no headaches in relation to the hydraulic structure of the house.

With that in mind, we’ve separated some products and tools that are essential in this installation step to help you on this journey. Remember that you can do many tasks yourself as long as you take all the necessary care and use protection tools.

Kitchen Sink Installation Materials:

Some materials are essential for a successful kitchen sink installation. Of course, most of you should already know, but if you still have any questions, it is important to highlight the need for Tips to unclog kitchen and bathroom

Thread Sealing Tape: This tape is essential for sealing connections in cold and hot water pipes or even gases. If you don’t use it, the chances of it leaking every time you open and close the faucet are great.
Siphon: Part that is attached to the sink and the pipe to evacuate the water used, thus avoiding bad smells in the environment. It is widely used in any environment for sewage connection.
Faucet: Despite being a product that your need is very clear, you must be careful when choosing the one that best fits your kitchen’s possibilities, as they can vary between wall and countertop faucets.
Cabinet and sink: Generally, in these two products, cutting is not necessary for installation. Therefore, the only care to be taken is in relation to the size and arrangement within your space.
Tools: For kitchen sink installation, some tools are important and have functions, such as tightening screws, loosening parts and others.
It’s important to remember that these are some general and not specific use tools. In other words, not all of these materials should be used in the installation of all sink formats and models.

Step by step Installation:

Now you know what equipment, products and tools to use to correctly install the kitchen sink in your home. So, nothing better than a complete step by step on how to install a kitchen sink in the right way, here are tips on the process.

1 – Registration:

It is important that you first of all make sure that the water valve is closed and that there is no possibility of leakage from any hydraulic pipe. Otherwise, you will be destined for a good shower of water from the pipe in your house.

2 – Prepare tools and Equipment:

After the first step, separate all the equipment and tools mentioned above for installing the kitchen sink, it is important to have all the necessary appliances close to you, as you will do the installation yourself and relying on someone’s help may not be your reality .

Some of the most important are: thread sealing tape, pliers, spanner, measuring tape, square, adhesive tape and, if necessary, drill and screwdriver and hole saw.

3 – Protect furniture and Floors:

Remember: before starting the installation of the kitchen sink, line the floor, as it is often necessary to support a piece and any slip can cause scratches on your floor.

In the same way, if you use any furniture to support the sink, for example, or any other material, covering it is still a good idea.

4 – Installation of faucet and Plumbing:

In this step of installing the kitchen sink, read the product manufacturer’s own instructions, so you understand what actions can and cannot be performed.

Also, assess the siphon length. If it is bigger than necessary, you can cut it with a saw. In addition, if the siphon diameter is too large, the adapter must be used.

Remember that after connecting the siphon at both ends, verification is essential. Therefore, tighten the valves with pliers to make sure there are no leaks.

5 – Finishing:

Last but not least, take care of the final finish of your kitchen sink installation. After all, you don’t want to receive that detailed and observant visit to your home and have to rely on the installation failures in sight.

Therefore, depending on the type of sink you are going to install, silicone to seal the corners and take care when finishing are legal aspects to take into consideration.

Now you are ready, so get to work!

You know what tools to use and what the best step-by-step is to install a kitchen sink correctly. So what are you waiting for to equip yourself with everything you need and get your hands dirty?

After all, you want to welcome your friends and relatives home for that weekend get-together, right? Organize and plan your week and conquer more and more your plans and dreams.

If you don’t remember the complete list of products needed to install the sink, just go back to a few topics. Write them down on a paper or take screen prints. This way, when making the purchase, you will not leave anything out of your cart.

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