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5 tips to get rid of bad plumbing smell


Nothing more unpleasant than a house that smells bad. Suddenly, a sewage odor rises through the plumbing and invades the environment. No matter how much you clean, that smell doesn’t come out.

In desperation, many resort to using spray which only make the situation worse.

There are also products on the market that promise to “clean” the pipe, eliminating the bad smell. But they are corrosive substances, highly aggressive to the environment and should not be used.

This odor is a result of gases that are present in the pipes in the house. Simple care can prevent the bad smell of the plumbing.

Check out the tips selected

1. Check the Siphon:

Installed at the outlets of the draining system for sinks and tanks, the siphon has exactly the function of accumulating water inside, preventing the return of bad smells. Therefore, verifying that the siphon is working properly is essential.

A well done installation already largely guarantees the proper functioning of the device. The canopy must be aligned, the siphon well-fitted between the outlets of the sink and the wall and without any type of leakage.

Also check that the sealing rings are dry and that the water seal, the U-shaped part, is collecting water. Remember that this is exactly what will ensure that the bad odor does not return through the pipe.

2. Clean the siphon box:

This device receives all the sewage from drains and toilets and it is common for it to accumulate organic material, such as hair.
Therefore, it is recommended to clean it monthly.

3. Maintain the grease Box:

Installed in the kitchen sewage outlet, this component works as a grease filter, preventing it from causing clogging in the pipes. When the box is not working properly, it can release a bad smell.
In that case, inspect the device. Check for cracks or crevices in both the box frame and cover. If there is, the equipment must be replaced.

Prevention is also important. For proper operation, you should clean the grease trap every six months. Count on specialized professionals, who will carry out this work more efficiently.

4. Take care of the vessel seal:

This is an important caution. A poorly made seal is synonymous with an unpleasant smell.

The space between the toilet and the floor must be completely filled with grout.

Also check the sealing ring located between the vessel outlet and the sewer pipe. If it is not in good condition, you will need to replace it.

5. Observe inspection box:

This part of the system is responsible for receiving water with less fat, such as that which comes from the service area and the bathroom.

From the inspection box, the collection network is maintained, which must take place annually. For more information click here
Remove the device cover and observe if leaves or debris are obstructing the flow of water. If this is happening, you should either clean or call a drain picker company you trust.