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5 Tips to Maintain Your Car During the COVID-19 Pandemic


The COVID-19 virus has taken a toll on humanity in ways that nobody could have ever imagined. Due to constant lockdowns in the UK and Scotland, most people tend to stay inside their homes in fear of catching the virus. As a result, leading a “normal” life is something that nobody has been able to do for the past two years. Car owners will tell you their plight in this situation as their vehicles have suffered a lot too. Since stepping out has become uncommon nowadays, cars and Pirelli Tyres Airdrie are not getting the right treatment by most people.

The maintenance of your car is important because every part installed inside it requires proper care. When you do not give it the attention that it needs, then the scope of facing issues widens. You must have heard your friends and family members complaining about the performance of their cars too. This is because of the minimal usage during this pandemic situation. If you are sailing in the same boat, do not worry. Mentioned below are five tips that can help you maintain your car during the COVID-19 pandemic:

Focus on the Car’s Battery

When a vehicle is not driven regularly, its battery takes the hardest hit. This is mainly due to the mechanism behind the battery usage in a car. To understand this in a better manner, you should know that car batteries tend to discharge very quickly when not in use. This is especially true for luxury cars because of the sensors that utilise the battery even when the car is not in use. The best way to keep your car’s battery in check would be to give it a race for 30 to 40 minutes every day.

Pay Attention to the Tyre Health

Tyre manufacturers across Europe would tell you that the health of your tyres is extremely important. When a car is not driven for an extended period of time, tyres generally tend to get flat-spotted. For the unversed, this happens when air escapes a tyre even when there is no puncture on its entire body. If you keep a lookout for this particular issue, then the proper maintenance of your car tyres can be done hassle-free.

Take Your Car for a Spin

The fear of this pandemic has turned all of us into anti-social people. However, this does not mean that your car should suffer because of it. Taking it for a spin is encouraged as it will keep the engine and brakes from corrosion. Moreover, you will be able to keep your driving skills up to the mark. When the world becomes “normal”, you will not feel insecure or underconfident going behind the steering wheel.

Keep the Fuel Tank Full

It is a known fact the fuel tank can get corrosion due to moisture present in the environment. This process can quicken when there is low fuel inside the tank. The best way to avoid this issue is to keep your fuel tank full whenever you take your car for a drive. Alternatively, this can help you in an emergency medical situation when travelling to a faraway clinic or hospital would require a sufficient amount of fuel in the tank.

Do Not Skip on the Servicing

Most people are not paying attention to their car’s service because they are too scared of stepping out. While this is an emotion that every person can resonate with, you have to understand the need for regular servicing of your car. Authorised car service centres are providing a pick-and-drop facility to their customers. You will not have to step out as all repairs and replacements would be managed by the professional technicians at authorised workshops. Proper sanitisation is also ensured to customers after the service is completed. Therefore, you have no reason to avoid servicing your car and Tyres Airdrie.

With these tips kept in mind, maintaining your car in this pandemic should not be a challenge anymore.