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5 Tricks Through Which You Can Use Instagram Live Analytics

Instagram Live

The analytics feature by Instagram provides Instagram Live analysis along with analytics for the Instagram reels. Analytics is very vital for a better understanding of your content, audiences’ likes and dislikes. It improves the targeted social strategy.

Take decisions after understanding how the content is performing, and thus you can enhance your brands’ performance. Reach out to the Best SMO Services in Delhi to strengthen the analytics strategies of Instagram.

1) Being live at various times

Going live at a particular time on the same day can be boring as well as cliche. It will be good to have some stirring things in timings. Explore different times of the day for going live and check the analytics. See if any difference is there between the new time and your usual live time. Keep testing and watch the analytics to understand which day and time is perfect for the Instagram live strategy for your brand. So by doing this, you can understand when most of your audiences are online.

2) Different durations of live sessions

Do not try to restrict your live sessions for brands to 15 minutes only. Be experimental with the duration of live sessions. Prepare a strategy and give a trial with less than your usual live sessions or increase the time for your sessions. After this, use analytics to watch whether the length change affected the number of likes, shares and comments or not. If any good changes occur, continue with the new time session following the metrics.

3) Try with various content live sessions

Experiment with various types of content. For example, you can share your performance with your fans, organizing Q&A sessions.

After the end of live streams, always check the Instagram live analytics for comparing engagement and reach with the previous streams. Increase your brand’s recognition by experimenting with content.

4) Greeting comment fastly

Tapping the Instagrams metrics may show you the difference in the engagement, which can be better. It’s proof that your brand live session was great, and users got engaged with it. Build a social media team, where a member can present live Q&A, showing events/programs. Another person can monitor the comments and queries of the audience. Help the audience by making them stay with your brand.

5) Try out Live features of Instagram

Incorporate some unique features of Instagram Live. It can boost your brand’s engagement. By tracking the analytics, you can come to know the audiences have liked the features or not. For examples:

  • Invite guests for joining your live video
  • Experiment with the camera mode from the usual ones
  • Use camera roll features
  • Try with face filters of Instagram


All these are vital to remember for the live sessions of brands. Instagram Live analytics helps in getting knowledge about the metrics of your live sessions. Engage your audience along with that measure your brand’s performance via Instagram live analytics. You can take the help of TYC Communication, which provides the Best SMO Agency in Delhito enhance the SEO strategies of the brand.