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5 Types of Executive Branding Services You Can Use to Build Your Personal Brand


What’s a brand what does it do? 

A brand is the identification of a product. And it’s in any form it’s anywhere you can see and speak about it or even have a fondness about it. It can be in the aspect of name, logo, design & shape. It’s easier for a brand to understand and get recognised easily when one knows the brand’s name, symbol, size & etc. 

Without a brands logo, name, colour or shape one cannot understand if the brand is really to understand or not. All of these features play an important role when it comes to brand. 

For example: For example, during the pandemic going around the world, Dettol sanitiser is the only sanitiser that has been used by most of the consumers during this plague because of the brand. The Dettol brand has the most powerful message to create hygiene awareness amongst this pandemic. 

There are many other examples as well which are been seen and heard daily, for example, Colgate, Pepsi, Dettol soap etc. 

Brand Name plays the most vital role while branding. If a brand has a powerful name and characteristics, the brand reaches out to the target audience easily. 

Such as Oreo Biscuits are been easily targeted to the kids & the parents or elders because of their Packing & the delicious chocolate & strawberry cream inside which makes the kids more exciting. So that’s how the brand name & its characteristics work.

Well, a lot of people do that their brand is ready but are clueless about the executive branding services. Well, most of the businesses & CEOs are clueless about the fact that build a personal brand is an essential part of branding. 

Well, what is personal branding? 

Personal Branding is your unique mixture of skills, experiences, personality & know how these features promote you and tell your brand’s story reflecting your conduct, behaviour, spoken & unspoken words & attitudes. 

It’s a professional image of how you look in real life combined with how the media portray and the impression that people gain from the information they find about you online. 

But why would you want to become a personal brand? 

A personal brand allows you to highlight your strengths and passions it helps people to feel like they know you better which means they trust you more even f they’ve never met you. For example, politicians rely on you when it comes to elections it’s people who vote for people they feel, they know. 

Well, here 5 golden types of executive branding services you can use to build your, Personal brand- 

#.1) Logo design

So as you know whenever you go for your first job interview and our guides always say that the first impression is important. Just the same whenever your brand is ready with the logo it will provide an initial glimpse of your brand. A company’s logo is truly an essential part when you think of building your company’s brand it’s like the face of your brand, where people can easily recognise you where ever they are. 

As you can how important a logo should be and it helps you to support marketing in a variety of ways. 

a) Brand awareness

When do you think so some brand exactly pops on your mind? The logo right. Think of Coco-Cola the first thing that comes to your mind is that the round red symbol with some white lines in it & the same thing goes around with Pepsi it’s the logo is blue red & white colour and you easily understand the difference. 

b) Brand identity

Brand means your products name your business & identity means recognition. Now how does it work? Through people out there, through your audiences. As you know these famous brands logos like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat these companies are extensively huge and the logo is just fixed in your mind. So it means that one needs to build that logo to create the brand identity and to grow the business. 

#.2) Brand Messaging

Individuals who prefer to know about the brand and wants to understand more about the brand help to shape their perception about the brand & help to paint that image of your brand that you need to occupy in their intellect. So every piece of communication that you send out in the marketplace across all touchpoints is part of your brand messaging strategy. Everything your brand is trying to convey shall have a meaning and it should reflect your brand messaging. 

#.3 Brand Positioning

Brand Positioning is how that one brand distinguishes itself from its competitors. It explains how a brand defines, why they are different to their competitors and why the audience should care. This is for the new brand whenever they come into the market and you see there are already competitors out there offering products & services. So if you are coming as a new brand you better have a brand Positioning strategy because the brand that is already in the marketplace already have their target audience, their strategies, etc. You need to highlight why you are different and why should the customers use your brand. 

#.4 Brands Voice

Brands are basically like the audiences & they do have their voice. And they are unique in their way of expressing themselves. While you may find some friends and some are wicked, some give you aspirations some give you negative thoughts. You have to find your niche. Finding your niche is really important and is a key step in finding success. If your brand has a very strong voice that carries your brand you can almost present any kind of information to them and they enjoy it. Voice is the heart and soul of your company. It is the authenticity of your brand. That is so important to connect with the audience. 

#.5) Social Media Branding

Social media is a powerful tool for building your brand because it allows for detailed market segmentation as well as efficient communication with your various target audience and groups. 

But as we come across a lot of people who do not restrain the power of social media for building a brand because they fail to take a systematic approach. 

A lot of businesses fail to keep a balance between brand messaging and social media messaging and fall flat on the face so perhaps working with an expert brand agency would help your business grow accordingly and an expert brand agency would help you with social media networks and how to use them effectively. 

The digital world has made it a lot easier for most of us. Businesses travelling to other countries are being banned because of the deadliest virus, but the digital domain helps you showcase your brand or product easily through the online digital platform. 

Brands are also showcasing online through various digital platforms. Most people prefer online brands to try out & the results are very positive. Be it a clothing brand or tech brands, home appliances etc, In-fact online portals have more discounts and the people go gaga over it. 

To conclude, Brand building aims at developing a positive picture amongst the target audience & clients about the business or company. 

A brand is not formed overnight it requires some time, patience & reparative efforts. Do a proper mapping about the digital branding about the budgeting the plan & etc. 

Always make sure to prioritise your brand.