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5 types of printed Candle boxes that perfect for marketing

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A candle is a delicate product. It needs special care to store it without damage and deliver it safely to the customer. For this reason, the companies use well-designed candle boxes. The packaging is designed from premium-quality material to enhance the level of protection. Interesting customization options are used to give it an appealing display. To increase the attractiveness for the buyers, some businesses go for using innovative box styles. Numerous shapes can be used to place in different types of candles for example you may need a rectangular tuck top box for long tower candles and a square box with a window or a die-cut for jar candles. Thus there are a variety of printed candle boxes that can be used to store, display and market your candles more effectively in a retail environment. Here we are going to discuss the five most popular options:

Display Candle Boxes:

To display your candles more attractively and elegantly, businesses these days are using this style. It’s a wonderful option and looks even more enchanting when used with custom printing. A display candle box is the best way to showcase a glass jar with a floating candle. These boxes usually come up with an attached lid or a hinged box having a window on the top. The main purpose of display candle packaging is to add beauty to your products and increase their sturdiness. The box can be printed with amazing design options to create an aesthetically appealing display. Such packaging acts as a perfect promotional tool and helps to improve your business sales.

Kraft Candle Packaging:

Especially if you want to reflect the eco-friendly concern of your business, these Kraft candle boxes are a good option to use. They are perfect for almost any type of candle. The packaging is affordable, customizable, and reusable. It is highly durable and can be used to ship a large number of candles to a specific destination. The thickness of the material can be increased to cardboard or corrugated if needed. Such candle packaging wholesale has high tensile strength. The material is print-friendly so you can design it according to your branding requirements. You may also add on compartments, inserts, or build-in handles to make your packaging more functional to use and prevent it from any damage. The biggest advantage of using this packaging is its recyclability and eco-friendly nature. This characteristic gives it a special position over other types of candle packaging solutions.

Pillow Candle Boxes:

Pillow boxes are another good type of printed candle packaging that is used to pack and display the candles more securely and attractively. They have established their name in the packaging industry soon because of their innovative and unique look. As the pillow shape is delicate, this makes it the best packaging solution for delicate products like candles. You may design it with a die-cut or a window on the top of the boxes to display your adorable candle inside. Such packaging is also good for gift-giving. It is perfect enough to attract buyers. The boxes are available in a diversity of sizes to pack in your products more easily. They appear highly presentable in a retail environment.

Cylindrical Candle Boxes:

This type of custom-printed candle box looks very distinct and appealing. Due to it, they are becoming more in demand. Whether your candles are round in shape or long glass jars, these cylindrical boxes are a good option to use. The packaging manufacturers can design them in different sizes and diameters according to their product needs. These cylindrical candle tube boxes are designed from cardboard or corrugated material to add on more strength at the base. The material is so flexible that you can easily mold it into the desired shape and size of your choice. Use interesting graphics and fascinating printing designs to set your brand apart.

Candle boxes with windows:

As the name indicates, a candle box with a window facilitates the buyers to see the products inside without even opening the package. Such type of packaging stimulates the purchase behavior among the customers. Transparency has been always created wonders but when it comes to candle packaging, it can enhance the display of the product making it shine out the shelves. Most of the designers have started replacing a window with an attractive die-cut pattern. Print your brand’s logo or an attractive pattern on these boxes to use them for marketing perspective. Enticing color schemes and self-speaking fonts can candle boxes a true piece of art.

Candle Boxes for Gift Giving:

These days, candles are not only used for lighting purposes or decoration, rather they are considered one of the best gifts for every occasion. They are a perfect way to enlighten up your event and create a true essence of celebration. It’s the reason that people love purchasing candles for their loved ones. A candle is a symbol of love and affection. The businesses have started manufacturing scented candles packed in adorable gift packaging Boxes to make them more appealing. A gift candle box can be designed in vibrant hues and multiple themes along with other embellishments. The use of beads, wishing tags or colored ribbons, etc. especially at enclosures adds an enchanting touch. These modish boxes can be created in a variety of designs like hexagonal boxes, cylindrical packaging, gable boxes, or the ones with interactive locks. Also, go for adding a logo or other contact information for marketing purposes. When displayed on shelves, they will ultimately improve the sale of wax products.