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5 ways a business analyst can transform a business

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Data analytics, data science, and AI augmentation are relatively novel concepts as far as the small and mid-sized enterprises are concerned except companies that are directly involved in operationalizing these technologies. It can often be very hard to paint a tangible picture of the benefits of implementing these in a business. Equally intangible is the prospect of having a business analyst on board. Nevertheless, if you are looking at the right places you can actually witness visible results of employing a trained business analytics professional. They can solve problems that you might not realize exist.

1.   Streamlining business processes

As your business grows and the processes involved in it grow in number it becomes increasingly difficult to manage. It is hard to drive company wide visibility and transparency when you have siloed processes running on various platforms. A business analyst is trained to look at your business and determine the points that need to be improved. A BA can help you bring the business together, getting rid of siloed processes. He or she can also help you manage and in some cases automate various business processes like customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning.

2.   Bringing the teams together

The greatest deterrent of scalability is the discrepancy between different teams who are responsible for keeping the business running. For instance, if the accounts team and the sales team are not on the same boat, there can occur disastrous mistakes in terms of reporting and accounting. A business analyst can help you set up a system that can bring the different operatives on the same page. The BA can be a translucent membrane that helps teams have a clear idea of each other’s visions while keeping them out of each other’s way.

3.   Operationalizing data governance

A business analytics professional is trained to deal with data while keeping all the sensitivities and regulations in mind. They can help a company with creating a data governance workflow by bringing everyone onboard in terms of data literacy and data maintenance. This in turn helps the company make good use of the data which leads us to the next point.

4.   Data driven decision making

Having undergone a business analytics course online helps you understand various nuances involved in data handling and data analysis. A business analyst, therefore, can be a great asset for a company in terms of adding value to data. He can look into company data and arrive onto insights regarding process enhancements and policy changes. This allows a company to stay on top of their games with reduced risk and enhanced decision making.

5.   Getting ahead of competition

Everything that we have covered so far leads to this. What influences the steps taken by a business most often is their competition. Not only does having a business analyst onboard help a company keep a keen eye on the competitors but also to make improvements on what others are doing.

The necessity and indispensability of a business analyst is coming across very strongly around various industries, especially among the smaller players. This could be the best time to get into a business analytics course online.